Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake! collection

Is everyone ready for new episodes of Arrested Development that are set to premiere tomorrow on Netflix Instant? I WAS BORN READY. 

Yes, you could say that I am excited, so very excited. And in honor of tomorrow's premiere  I have Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake collection to share. The only one I don't have is Tricks Are Something a Whore Does for Money

Happy Hands Banana Stand
Two Coats
As George Sr. so eloquently puts it, there is always money in the banana stand. 
My favorite polish of this collection is this awesome banana yellow creme with brown glitter 
and money green flecks throughout. 

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only
Three Coats
In Wee Britain, certain items could be seen by British eyes only. Or be asked to lose 20 pounds. 
This dreamy teal polish has tons of teal glitter, including some holographic glitters. 
Very nicely layered but I like the impact it makes worn on it's own. 

Happy Hands Illusions, Michael
Two coats layered over Elevation Polish Mount Feathertop
Oh Gob, where would be be without you and your magnificent illusions accompanied by the Final Countdown.
This reformulated magical polish reflects it's inspiration with fiery red and orange glitter and gold stars to give it that extra oomph. 

Happy Hands Mayonegg
Three thin coats

Egg, I mean Ann's creation is an acquired taste I am sure. 
This is the reformulated version of Mayonegg and I absolutely love it. 
The bight egg yolk yellow glitter stand out oh so well against the soft egg white creme base. 
No problems at all with streaking as can sometimes happen with white polishes. 

Happy Hands Motherboy
One coat layered over Elevation Polish Lys Glacier
What is Motherboy? 
Only the very best Mother Son dinner/dance you could find yourself lucky to attend!
Motherboy has matte pastel glitters in lavender, lilac and light green and perfectly represents the glamour that is Lucille Bluth. 

Happy Hands I Just Blue Myself
Two coats layered over American Apparel Pacific Beach

Best of Tobias

Mr. Tobias Funke, a man who has many desires, one being a part of The Blue Man group. 
We are able to be a little blue ourselves with this vivid blue topcoat polish. 
This reformulated version has so many types of bright blue glitter, I almost can't take it. 

Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake polishes are available in Happy Hands' Big Cartel shop here and Etsy shop here. Updates regarding restocking and new collections can be found on Happy Hands' Facebook page here


  1. Really pretty collection! Love the posts with all the gifs :D It was so fun reading.

  2. This. collection. is. AWESOME! :)

  3. The is a fab post! I really enjoyed reading it ......... and I want two of the polishes now as well :D


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