Friday, May 3, 2013

Elevation Polish Friday

 All the Elevations I have to show today are ones that are considered core colors or colors that will be continued to be restocked for at least a few more months. They all will definitely be restocked on May 7th per Elevation Polish's stock page

Elevation Polish El Cap
Two Coats
The one and only blurple wonder. 
Probably my favorite Elevation. 
If I had to recommend only one Elevation to a new buyer, this would be it. 

Elevation Polish Grote et Cascade
Two Coats
Those who are not immediately drawn toward brown polish, 
the blue/purple shimmer in Grote will change your mind. 

Elevation Polish Higravstinden
Two Coats
Teal beauty with shimmer, Hig is a very nice Elevation indeed.

Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo
Two Coats
I held off on this one for a while. I thought that with all the bright blue polishes I had, did I really need another? 
HELL YES I DO. This one blows them all away. 

Elevation Polish Pic de Subenuix
Two Coats
The blue shimmer makes this pretty purple

Elevation Polish Sarychev
Three Coats
Very tasty orange jelly that is perfect for layering or being worn solo. 

Elevation Polish Catch a Wave
One coat layered over Sation Holiday Golightly
Circle glitter, how I love thee. You give me tingly feelings.

The polishes shown today are available in Elevation Polish's shop here. Next restock will be this upcoming Tuesday May 7th. Updates can be found on Elevation Polish's blog here.


  1. Dammit Ida, I'm going to end up with Lulu's entire catalogue if you keep posting! Thankfully I've already got a good few of these, but I do want Grotte et Cascade now!

    Your swatches are gorgeous, but I don't need to say that!

    1. lol, for your wallet's sake, I'm sorry but otherwise more Elevations for you!

  2. Beautiful shades! I love seeing indies that aren't just a mess of chunky glitters.

    1. Thanks! While I do love many indie glitters, I also love a really great non glitter polish and Elevation makes some fantastic ones.

  3. I dont own one Elevation and I'm not sure why that is. I would surely own every one of these, they are all sensational!!

    1. Thank you! Maybe a few Elevations may jump into your cart this May restock???


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