Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elevation Polish Saturday

Did you think that I was done with Elevation Polish week? Nope! I am going to post through the weekend. Because I care, guys. Working hard for my polish. lol, Okay so today I am going to be showing discontinued and limited edition Elevations. I hesitated in sharing these because I know how frustrating it is to see a beautiful yet unattainable polish BUT I hope you all won't hate me. At least not too much. 

Elevation Polish Alphubel
Two Coats
Beautiful sky blue with iridescent shimmer

Elevation Polish Tindur
Two Coats
One of the best white polishes I've worn formula wise. 
I couldn't quite capture blue/green shimmer

Elevation Polish I Heart Yeti
Three thin coats
I was so bummed to miss this when it went on sale late Dec/Jan restocks. 
But a very awesome lady gifted this one to me and I love her for it! 

Elevation Polish Marble Caves
Two Coats
Inspiration comes from this locale as a request from a very 
cool lady and customer of Elevation Polish  

Elevation Polish Mount Yu
Two Coats
Very light jade creme with a subtle green shimmer. 
Following El Cap, Mount Yu is one of my favorite Elevations. 

Elevation Polish Pata Puffer
One Coat layered over a unnamed purple. 
This fuchsia holo glitter topper is so pretty, I wish it had a longer run. 

Elevation Polish Ama Dablam
Two Coats layered over Elevation Higravstinden
Last but not least, the polish that began my Elevation journey 
This copper and teal glitter in all it's glory

The polishes shown today are not available any longer for public sale though I have seen them pop up on blog sales. However, there are many pretty polishes in Elevation Polish's shop here that are available. Next restock will be this upcoming Tuesday May 7th. Updates can be found on Elevation Polish's blog here.


  1. Don't worry we won't hate you! Its always great to see any colors regardless if it was limited edition or discontinued :) They all look lovely too.


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