Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cults Nails Thursday

As my co-worker would say, happy Friday-eve! How about some Cult Nails polishes to make it through your Thursday? 

Overall, I do really like Cult Nails' polishes. Formula wise, they are great and when they first came onto the polish market, I would buy full collections at a time. I have slowed down a bit, really only getting single polishes instead of a full collection. There is not anything negative that has led to this, just a general influx of indie polishes that became available. That being said, Cult Nails will put out some awesome sales and promotions, so be on the lookout for those in the future.

 Cult Nails Evil Queen
So shiny and bright, this candy apple red polish is wonderful. 
One of my favorite red creme polishes, definitely my favorite Cult polish.

Cult Nails Iconic
One of Cult's first released polishes, this wine red creme has some interesting 
detailing with gold shimmer and red flakies. 

Cult Nails Princess
Light dusky blue with copper shimmer. 

Cult Nails Scandalous
Coral jelly polish. Very pretty but takes a few coats to build to this opacity.

Cult Nails Enticing
Pale pink jelly. Delicate and ladylike, though not a color I am always drawn toward. 

Cult Nails Polishes can be purchased within their shop here. Updates can be found on their blog here or Facebook page here

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  1. Pretty shades! I've never tried Cult Nails before but since I bought two from your blog sale, I'm so excited for it to come and for me to test them out :)


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