Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Digital Nails Geronimo, Great Winged Pegasus, Hyperbole, The Dude Abides, You said it, Man: Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me
Hey guys! I have a few polishes from Digital Nails for today.  One of the things I like most about her polishes is that they are created from much loved inspiration. Especially when the inspiration is something that I also love. It makes wearing the polishes that much a better experience. And for those that don't really relate, no worries, I think the polishes are more than pretty enough to be appreciated, regardless of how they came to be. 
Application wise, easy as can be, two to three coats for coverage. 
Digital Nails keeps her shop stocked pretty well with restocks usually occurring on Friday evenings so if you wanted to purchase something for yourself, you can head over to her shop here

Digital Nails Geronimo
Two coats
Red wine jelly base with holographic gold and deep maroon micro-glitter
Totally worthy of shouting out.....GERONIMO! 

Digital Nails Great Winged Pegasus
Two coats
Lilac purple creme with subtle purple shimmer
Great Winged known as Gift With Purchase. And that's what this was, it was a gift with purchase polish that was included in a order I had a while back. 

Digital Nails Hyperbole
Layered over Essie All Access Pass
Clear base with a rainbow assortment of flakies and added holographic pigment
Everyone needs a rainbow flakie polish in their arsenal. It's versatile and oh so pretty, especially when layered over a darker base. 
Adding the matte topcoat? BEST DECISION EVER MADE. <----- (hyperbole)

Digital Nails The Dude Abides
Three coats
Part of the Urban Achievers Collection 
Beige creme/jelly with ultra-chrome flakies and holo copper micro-glitter
This does give me a bit of the lobster hands but I don't even care. Any polish that references The Dude himself is a winner with me. Oh, you don't know The Dude? THIS GUY:

Digital Nails You said it, Man
Two coats
Part of the Urban Achievers Collection 
Neon magenta creme/jelly with blue/violet flakies
If the previous one was inspired by The Dude, this one is all about The Jesus. The color is so saturated, it makes me want to wear it all the time. Oh and speaking of the Jesus, I think we need to see him dance: 


Digital Nails:


  1. The Dude Abides and Hyperbole (matte, definitely) look SO amazing! I never tried this brand before but I might need to.

  2. Haha AWESOME post Ida! I love Great Winged Pegasus and The Dude Abides but Hyperbole matte is INCREDIBLE!

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