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Cupcake Polish The Berry Patch Summer 2015 Collection: Comparisons

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Hey everyone! After I published my recent post of Cupcake Polish's Berry Patch Collection, I had a few comparison requests. I hope this will help in determining which polishes to buy when the Berry Patch Collection releases this Friday. We have been spotty with the sun here in Central Texas with all the rain we have been having so I did not take direct sunlight photos. But I think you will be able to see the color differences better without those.

The Berry Patch Summer 2015 Collection will be released Friday, June 19th at 11 am CST in Cupcake Polish's shop.

Polishes will be $13 individually as well as by full set. If you purchase the full set within the first 24 hours, the set will be priced at a discounted $72. And Cupcake Polish does ship worldwide. 

Comparison between Berry Good Looking, Some Berry to Love (both of these are in the Berry Patch Collection) against America the Beautiful and Catherine. 
America the Beautiful was part of the Sweet Addictions Box from last July and it's very similar to Some Berry to Love but American the Beautiful has more shimmer and is less holo. Catherine was a part of the Queens Collection, it's obviously a darker, more jeweled berry color and it also has a very strong shimmer that Some Berry to Love doesn't have. 

Comparison between Don't Worry, Bee Happy (from the Berry Patch Collection) against Daisy in Love and Elizabeth. 
Daisy in Love is a part of the In Bloom Collection, it is a bit more yellow than gold and is a lot less holo compared to the super holo Don't Worry, Bee Happy. Elizabeth is the odd gold out with it's more antiqued look as well as the added gold flake shimmer the others do not have. Elizabeth was included in the Queens Collection

Comparison between Leaf Me Alone (from the Berry Patch Collection) against Instant Re-Leaf. 
Instant Re-leaf was a part of the In Bloom Collection and really there is no comparison, you can see that they are very different shades of green. 

Comparison between Pink of the Patch (from the Berry Patch Collection) against Los Angeles, One Shell of a Time, and Back to the Fuchsia. 
One Shell of a Time is will be released later this month as an exclusive to A Box, Indied, it's the most neon in coloring and has a medium density holo. I thought Los Angeles would be more similar but it's more blue in tone and less vivid in color, though it has a stronger holo flame. Pink of the Patch is lighter than those two though it has the highest density holo. And Back to the Fuchia (from the In Bloom Collection) is the lightest in coloring and with it's creme formula base, has the lowest density holo.

Comparison between Berry Good Looking (from the Berry Patch Collection) against Lilac You Mean It, Yule Be Missing Me, and Victoria. 
I think it's obvious from the photo below that Berry Good Looking is the different that any other purple Cupcake has released so far. Lilac You Mean It (from In Bloom Collection) is duskier and low density holo. Yule Be Missing Me (from the Holiday 2014 Collection) is much darker, almost an indigo purple and has a medium to high density holo. Victoria (from the Queen Collection) is red in tone but not as red as Berry Good Looking and it has copper/red micro-flake shimmer.

Comparison between Water You Doing? (from the Berry Patch Collection) against What in Carnation?, Topsy Turvy, and Sea Colored Glasses. 
Water You Doing? is very similar in coloring compared to Topsy Turvy, which is a tad darker. Topsy Turvy is thinner too and a bit less holo. It's no longer available, it was released as an Sweet Addictions August Box exclusive. What In Carnation? is a part of the In Bloom Collection and it's a muted turquoise compared to the others, and a lower density holo with it's creme formula. Sea Colored Glasses is a Cupcake Polish Facebook group custom, I am not sure if it will be available anytime soon but I wanted to show how it compared anyway, you can see that it's more a seafoam color than turquoise. 


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  1. Thanks for awesome comparisons Ida. It really helps with figuring out if ones are wanted/needed with having others owned pretty close.
    Berry Good Looking is must! :D

  2. So basically what you're telling me is that I need ALL THE CUPCAKES? LOL! Great comparisons!

  3. This post definitely reminded me I need Elizabeth ^^! Great comparison post Ida!

  4. Hi, have you ever compared Chicago ? I have one that is very pink despite all the mauvish swatches, i was wondering if you had done it before ;)
    thanks !! love our swatches too !! short nails will conquer :p


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