Thursday, June 4, 2015

Essie Neon 2015 Collection: Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me
Hello all! I have Essie's Neon 2015 Collection for today. This is actually one of two collections Essie is releasing for the summer season, they also have the appropiately named Summer 2015 Collection. The polish colors from that collection didn't really appeal to me as much but if you were curious, you can check our Karen Falcon's (from Beautygeeks) review

So my thoughts on this collection, well they are nice colors though I wouldn't consider them to be true neon colors or very unique. But I love having a set of cohesive colors and I have really grown to like Essie's polish formula. I have played around with a few nail art looks on my Instagram, though sadly I think these are just a tad too thick for water-marbling. Groove is in the Heart is only one that applied streaky, no surprising with the strong white base of it. 

I like these as best a set but if you were to only go with one, I would recommend Vibrant Vibes, it's the brightest of them. For application, I did two coats each and a layer of topcoat. 

I purchased by own set of the Essie Neon 2015 Collection from a local beauty supplier but you can find these wherever Essie polishes are available. 

Essie All Access Pass
Two coats
Indigo blue creme/jelly
In hindsight, I should have applied a third coat. 

Essie Coacha’bella
Two coats
Mid-tone magenta pink creme

Essie Groove is in the Heart 
Two coats
Bubblegum pink creme

Essie Make Some Noise
Two coats
Cyan blue creme

Essie Melody Maker
Two coats
Blue toned teal green creme

Essie Vibrant Vibes
Two coats
Bright lime creme


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