Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OPI DS Glamour

I will keep this simple since I am always awkward when introducing myself. My name is Ida and I love nail polish. I wanted to have a place to post my polish pictures, so along with the many nail polish blogs that are out there, here is my contribution. Since I love music, comedy podcasts, reading, TV, really anything pop culture related, I will be posting a Book/TV show/Movie/Podcast/Music of the week as well.

To start things off, here is one of my absolute favorite polishes. It's blue! And holographic! One of the few polishes in my stash that has a backup, and though it is harder to track down now, if you can find it, get it.


  1. First comment!! Congrats on the blog! Can't wait to see more from ya

  2. O my gosh! Can you believe I have never paid attention to this polish!! I was living under a rock! I need this in my life.

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