Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jade Holográfico Vermelho Surreal

Jade is a Brazilian brand and they have a line of holographic polishes. The range of colors has the usual suspects of black and silver but also include a gold, a bubblegum pink, a teal and this one, Vermelho Surreal, a beautiful red. I liked the look of it solo but I wanted to get a darker red. This is one coat of black polish and one coat of Vermelho Surreal and the color is darkened, almost to the shade of a Garnet. No special base is needed, the polish applies smoothly without dragging. I used my normal Seche Vite as a top coat and it did not dull the holo one bit. 

The bottles of the Jade polishes are smaller (8 ml) compared to Layla (10 ml) and Nfu-Oh (17 ml) but they are also a bit cheaper. And not having to use a special buffer or aqua base is definitely worth noting. 

Jade Vermelho Surreal can be found online at Llarowe or Ninja Polish

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