Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty & Polished I'm Not a Banana, My Lumps, and King of C-C-Cool

The polishes that I have to show today are from Pretty & Polished Mathematical collection inspired by the show Adventure Time. I have only watched a few episodes of Adventure Time here and there. However, as someone who is not totally familiar with the show, just looking at these colors and characters, I can still see how clearly Adventure Time's influence was. 

I'm Not a Banana draws inspiration from Jake the Dog. It's a yellow jelly with white and black hexes. Though sheer, the jelly is thick enough that I was able to apply three coats and get full coverage. I love, LOVE this egg yolk yellow color. 

My Lumps references Lumpy Space Princess. It is a purple jelly with yellow and purple shards of glitter. Careful application is needed but I do like the look of it. I applied a layer of matte topcoat to make the yellow shards stand out. 

The Ice King is represented by King of C-C-Cool. This polish is light blue creme with white diamonds, red micro-glitter, blue and yellow hexes. Easy application with two coats. 

The Mathematical collection polishes can be purchased on the Pretty & Polished website as well as her Etsy store