Friday, September 20, 2013

Chaos & Crocodiles Friday and.....GIVEAWAY!

A very happy Friday to you all! The winner for the Digital Nails giveaway has been picked and notified and the My Ten Friends giveaway is running for two more days, make sure to enter that one if you haven't already

Continuing with my month of blogiversary giveaway good times fun , today I am spotlighting Chaos & Crocodiles and have one very special Chaos & Crocs polish to share with you all. If you wanted to pick up a bottle (or three) of Chaos & Crocs youself, look to her Big Cartel shop, Norway Nails, and coming soon, to Mei Mei's Signatures.  Updates can be found on her blog,  Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.  

First off, play this song before you start to scroll (if you can anyway). There's a reason why....(don't peak!)

Chaos & Crocodiles Narwhals Are Unicorns Too
Two coats
Light aqua crelly base with turquoise and gold glitter plus aqua and gold shimmer.
Delicate and as lovely as a what I would imagine a unicorn to be. 
And narwhals ARE unicorns, as far as I am concerned. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Party Games
Two coats layered over Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed
Glitter mix of green, blue, and yellow of varied sizes. 
Parteh time!! On my nails anyway. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Paint the Sky
Two coats layered over Sation Single in Stilettos
Glitter mix of yellow, gold, purple, pink, and orange in varied sizes. 
The colors of an evening sunset all packed into one awesome polish. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Paint the Sky
Two coats layered over a Sation orange

And there is this one. But let's go back a bit. When I approached Sarey from Chaos & Crocs with my custom request, I knew that whatever she was going to create was going to be amazing. And it sooo was. Essence of Ida in a bottle basically. The name though, it had to be just right. After going back and forth, nothing quite fit. I was messing around in my music library and started playing Oh! You Pretty Things, one of my favorite Bowie songs, and it clicked. 

Illustration by Nan Lawson, her stuff is wonderful
Chaos & Crocodiles Oh! You Pretty Thing
Two coats layered over Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See
Glitter mix of yellow, blue, purple and red.
An explosion of beautiful bright glitter! 
The colors play so well against each other and the layering options are endless. I love it and I hope you guys do too!

Chaos & Crocodiles Oh! You Pretty Thing mattifed
GAH, mattifying this one is a must. 

Giveaway time! I have a bottle of Oh! You Pretty Thing for one lucky winner! This polish will be available in Chaos & Crocs shop at a later date but as of now, the only way to get a bottle of your own is to enter the giveaway, look below for the rules and giveaway box. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Giveaway will be open to US and International readers until next Friday, Sept. 27th at 12 am CST. The winner will be notified by email and if no response is given within 48 hours, another winner will be picked. 
You must be 18 or older to enter.
Thank you Chaos & Crocodiles for sponsering this giveaway! 

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  1. Party Games is an awesome mix of glitters! I really like it.

  2. I love "Paint the Sky"!! Thanks for the contest!!

  3. Narwhals are Unicorns too. I've wanted this one since it came out, but no funds! Yowza is it gorgeous!!
    Sandra B

  4. My favorite is Octopus Smiles, my first C&C way back when!

  5. I am in love with the "Oh you pretty thing" It's so gorgeous!

  6. The Harmonius polishes are soo awesome. I love C&C and love this one because it's David Bowie inspired... I LOVE BOWIE!

  7. Narwhals Are Unicorns Too is so gorgeous!

  8. I love Ferris Wheel at Dusk but unfortunately I always miss her restocks! Thanks!

  9. I am mighty partial to Pass The Sprinkles! :-D ;-)

  10. Narwhals are unicorns too.. it's so sweet and dreamy!

  11. Ferris Wheel At Dusk is just soo pretty!

  12. I love narwhals are unicorns too! :)

  13. I think my fav would be Fireside Nights, but I haven't snagged it yet.
    Your custom also looks amazing!

  14. I'm loving Paint the Sky! Thank you for the giveaway!


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