Saturday, April 12, 2014

Elevation Polish Saturday Part Two

Saturday Spam! This is the first of a few posts of samples, small batch prototypes, older ones, basically all Elevation Polishes. Many are not available as they are one of a kind and not all shown are mine. A few through out the series are ones I have I borrowed from friends. Enjoy!

 Elevation Polish Sample CHR #14

 Elevation Polish Sample CHR #26
Layered over Dior Porcelaine

Elevation Polish Sample MAT #6 
First without topcoat and then with topcoat

Elevation Polish Sample MAT #18

Elevation Polish Sample XXH #5

Elevation Polish Dante

Elevation Polish Mount Agepsta


  1. Some pretty shades! That glitter is my favorite!

  2. these are so beautiful!! I hope the samples become permanent!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes all we can do is wish that it turns into a regular core one.

  3. I love the lime and the cornflower blue! Beautiful!

  4. Replies
    1. UGH I know! I almost didn't want to give it back to it's original owner.


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