Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hare Polish Thurday

MOAR Hare Polish for today. These few are just random offerings by Hare, not technically a part of a specific collection but instead part of her Jackalopes line. 

Hare Polish For Margot Tenenbaum
Three coats
Mint jelly base with varied gold glitter
LOVE this. The color, the inspiration. Just everything about it. And it gives me an excuse to break out the Margot walking toward Richie gif:

Hare Polish Gee, Thanks Grandma
Two coats
Chocolate brown jelly/creme base with copper, red, and neon pink glitter
Part of the A Very Kitschy Christmas duo that was originally released in December '13
I, for one, would actually like a sweater in this coloring. The sweater my own grandma knitted for me was...interesting. Neon yellow knit sweater-vest is not something anyone should wear lol. 

Hare Polish Perfect Storm
Two coats
Navy blue jelly base with fuschia, neon pink, and gold glitter
This IS the perfect storm of dark and moody with the spark of vivid color. 

Hare Polish Phat Tuesday
Three coats
Grape purple jelly with lime and gold glitter
Included in the A Box, Indied! for the month of March and carried by Llarowe
You can see the Mardi Gras colors but with Hare's unique touch 

Updates regarding Hare Polish can be found on her blogFacebook page, and Instagram
To purchase Hare Polish, refer to her Etsy shop as well as LlaroweRainbow Connection, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics


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