Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Black Dahlia Lacquer Leaf by Leaf Collection: Swatches and Review

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Hello! I have a new to me brand to share with you all today. Black Dahlia Lacquer is a brand based out of Central Texas and Deanna, with the help her daughter Aubrey, is creator. I have been eyeing Black Dahlia Lacquer for a few months now and as a fellow Austin resident, I jumped at the chance to try a local nail artisan. 

I liked the polishes in this collection, they are colorful and bright and very spring like. I am actually missing one, or I should say I dropped and broke before I could get a proper photo of, Grey Twilight Organza, but Jen from xoxo, Jen, has the photos of that one if you wanted to take a look. Formula notes, everything applied okay, though some polishes required a more coats for coverage than others. 

You can purchase the Leaf by Leaf Collection right now in both mini and full size polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer's shop. 

Black Dahlia Lacquer Dandelion Explosion
Two coats
Red/orange jelly with yellow, orange, and hot pink glitter
So juicy looking!

Black Dahlia Lacquer Glass Orchid
Three coats
Blue/green jelly with aqua and navy glitter
This one is more sheer than I preferred, with blue jelly polishes, if they are not opaque enough, stained nails can disclosure the polish color. But it's got amazing shine. 

Black Dahlia Lacquer Grape Hyacinth
Two coats
Clear base with blue, aqua, violet, and silver micro-glitter and lavender shimmer.
I love full coverage micro-glitter polishes and this purple dominant one is lovely.

Black Dahlia Lacquer Rose Petals
Two coats
Raspberry pink creme with red/orange/gold glass fleck shimmer.
A classic color combination and perfect for any pink polish lover. 

Black Dahlia Lacquer Speckled Lilac
Three coats
Pale lilac creme/jelly with mint, light blue, aqua, and periwinkle glitter.
More opaque than I was expecting, which is always a good thing. I like how delicate it looks. 

Black Dahlia Lacquer Striped Peonies
Two coats
Plum purple creme with gold, blue. and rose micro-flake shimmer.
A very nice contrasting visible shimmer going on here. 

Black Dahlia Lacquer Teal Hydrangea
Two coats
Mint teal creme/jelly
Like butter, that's how creamy this is. 


Black Dahlia Lacquer: 

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  1. very gorgeous,are they hard to remove? the ones with glitter or flakes in them??


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