Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Hands Hoopla

Happy Hands! A brand whose polishes always make me very happy indeed. If you don't have any Happy Hands polishes in your life, make sure to change that, your hands will thank you. 

Happy Hands Afternoon Thunderstorms 
Greetings from Florida collection
I couldn't capture it's very cool  red-gold shimmer well (darn my camera)

Happy Hands Black Mamba
Layered over Elevation Polish Streetside NYC
Cult Favorites Collection
Very fun polish! Inspired by the Bride from Kill Bill. 
I love how the holo bar glitter are reminiscent of swords.

Happy Hands Feliz Navidad
Holiday 2012 Collection

Happy Hands The Sweetest Yet 
LE that is not in production at this time

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only 
I've Made a Huge Mistake Collection 
OH WHY do my fingers looks so red?! I don't have always have such lobster claws, sorry 'bout that!
I love how this looks mattifed but with a glossy TC, you can really see the holo glitter better.

Happy Hands El Duderino
Cult Favorites Collection
(Where is the money Lebowski? lol, I love that movie)
Juicy is the first thing that comes to mind with this polish. 

Happy Hands Polish can be purchased within her Etsy store here or her Big Cartel shop here. She usually restocks on Saturday afternoons but updates on restocking and new collection releases can be found on Facebook and her blog

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