Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Wednesday

I'm not feeling particularly blue today, which is a good thing. But then, blue doesn't really have to mean feeling low or down in the dumps. If anything, a bright and vibrant blue can be uplifting! So here are some blue nails to brighten your day. 

Different Dimensions Lapis Lazuli available here 
I think I like non color shifting flakies but then I'am disappointed when I get a bottle that has them. I wish I could be more wowed by this polish but unfortunately it doesn't excite me all that much.

Elevation Polish Sample #146
On the other hand, something so simple, a teal creme/jelly that has black speckles, that excites the hell out of me. I wish I had this polish in all the colors of the rainbow.
Not in production at this time, the is a sample that I managed to grab months ago. Samples are available in Elevation Polish's shop here though you have to be quick to get them. 

Jade Alga Marinha (from their Cremoso collection) available here
Really nice and vivid teal, it looks streaky but that's probably me being impatient and applying topcoat too soon. I really do like the Jade Cremoso polishes, especially at their price point. 

KBShimmer Black to Business available here
layered over Nina Ultra Pro Ink-Ling
Less blue than gray or black but it has blue glitter and that counts for me. 

Nails Inc Pudding Lane 
Part of the Sprinkles Collection available here
I was so excited for these when they were released but for whatever reason, I didn't end up wearing it until a couple of weeks ago. 

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish available here
Similar to Barielle Falling Star in that they are both blue with copper glitter but this is much better. I remember the Barielle polish being super thick and hard to apply and this one applied like a dream. The copper stands out really well. 

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012 
Not available at this time but other polishes from Rescue Beauty are available here
This is the type of vibrant blue I am always drawn to. The formula for this is notorious hard to work with and I definitely had to apply with care. 


  1. Oh dear I don't have any of those blues. I LOVE blue!! They are all so pretty!

    1. I have a blue problem, I seem to constantly be buying blue polish and I am sure so many of them are the same! Thank you though!

  2. I like the Kunimitsu! The copper looks great with the blue. And IKB2012 of course, that's one of my favourite blues - but I agree the application requires care, it's a bit 'special', lol!

    1. lol, you're right, "special" in the way that you never asked for but still a blue that I like to keep around.


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