Friday, March 8, 2013

Smitten Spamarama

Spinning off my of my post yesterday with the Smitten Polish Wickedly Smitten Collection, here are some recent (and not so recent) Smitten Polishes. Enjoy! 

Smitten Betwixt
layered over Different Dimension Lapis Lazuli
This is a one off from Smitten, sorry guys, not available for sale at this time.

Bluebird II
Reformulated version of Bluebird
Released for Spring 2013

Chocolate Bunny Soup (YUM)
Perfect for Easter
Released for Spring 2013

By far by favorite of all the milky white, confetti glitter polishes out there.
Part of Smitten Confection collection

Copper Canyon
Released for Spring 2013

Glass Elevator
Part of Smitten Confection collection

Released Summer 2012

Mint Chip
The Smitten that started it all (at least for me)
Released Summer 2012 

Adeste Fidelis
Part of Smitten with the Holidays collection

I do have Nerds Redux that I have yet to wear but just comparing them, they look SO close. Noelie did a great job reformulating Nerds. 
Released Summer 2012

Frost Fairies
That shimmer is not shy, I wish I was able to capture it better
Part of Smitten with the Holidays collection

Merry and Bright
Part of Smitten with the Holidays collection

Hocus Pocus
Probably my favorite Smitten Polish (for now), if you could only buy one Smitten, this is the one I would recommend.
Part of Halloween and Fall collection

Pink Lemonade
Reformulated and released very recently 
Released Summer 2012

Sprites of Spring
Another one where my camera fails to capture that wonderful pink shimmer
Released for Spring 2013

Winter is Coming
Released Summer 2012 as part of the Game of Thrones inspired duo

Smitten Polish can be purchased within her Etsy shop here as well as Llarowe here. Updates regarding restocking and collection releases can be found on Smitten's Facebook page here and her blog here


  1. HOMG! You are killing me! I love them alllll. I have Chocolate Bunny Soup on the way and I can't wait to get it.

    1. LOL, No dying on me okay? Glad that Choco Bunny Soup is coming your way, I think you will love it!

  2. Chocolate Bunny Soup is really cute!!!! <3 love everything!

  3. Beautiful swatches - you're just too good at convincing me I have to have colours! There's two, probabaly three, here that are calling to me!


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