Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chaos & Crocodiles Captain of Tonight's Sky and Cupcake Ninja

Hey guys! I have a couple of Chaos & Crocodiles polishes from her last pre-order this afternoon. It looks like there will be another restock soon, so make sure to followe Chaos & Crocs on her Facebook page for updates and sneak peaks.
Chaos & Crocodiles Captain of Tonight's Sky
Layered over Dior Porcelaine
Clear based topper with a varity of purple, blue and silver glitter including little silver stars and iridescent shimmer
Pretty in blue and purple! And for some reason the name brings to mind the movie The Rocketeer.

Chaos & Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja
Two coats
Hot pink creme with silver and slight pink shimmer
Such an intense color! Though I don't like pink polish all that much, a color like this will change my mind. It's bright but just shy of being a neon, so it's more wearable. I absolutely love Cupcake Ninja!

Chaos & Crocodiles can be purchased in her Big Cartel shop, as well as through Mei Mei's Signatures and Norway Nails. Updates can be found on her Facebook page, Blog, Instagram, and Twitter.


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