Thursday, February 13, 2014

Takko Lacquer Créateur and Spirited Away

Hey guys! I have a couple of newer Takko Lacquers for you today.
Takko Lacquer Créateur
Two coats
Black creme with golden shimmer and light holo effect.
Dark and mysterious indeed. It is loaded with that gold shimmer making the polish look almost chocolate in coloring instead of a straight black. The holo pigment is linear not super strong, with such a pigmented creme base though, I am not surprised.

Takko Lacquer Spirited Away
Two coats
Pink? Purple? Pink/purple with blue/green silver shimmer and light holo pigment
Another that is a super saturated color, making the holo not as bold as I prefer but that is a minor thing. It applies smoothly and the color is bright as can be.

To purchase Takko Lacquer, look to her shop here. You can get updates on Takko Lacquer's restocks or new color releases on her Twitter or Instagram. 


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