Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chaos & Crocodiles Tuesday

Good morning! Chaos & Crocodiles is releasing her newest collection today, the Secret Agent collection, that consists of 10 holographic finish polishes and I wanted to share a few Chaos & Crocodiles polishes that have yet to make it on my blog. A couple of these polishes, Soliloquy and Boardwalk Taffy Shop will also be returning in today's restock. This restock is going to be in a pre-order format and will be active from 12-1 pm and from 8-9 pm (CST), more details about the pre-order is up on her blog here

Chaos & Crocodiles Memoirs of a Rubber Ducky 
Layered over Dior Sailor 
Clear based topper of pale blue, yellow, white, and red glitter.
So stickin' cute! And it arrived with a little rubber ducky companion named Sophie. 

 Chaos & Crocodiles Rainbows All Around 
Layered over American Apparel Hassid
Clear based topper of rainbow glitter.
I happen to love rainbow glitter polishes, and this one is especially awesome. I love that the glitter pieces are smaller and are mostly metallic and holo finishes. 

Chaos & Crocodiles OOAK XLIX
Layered over Color Club Mrs. Robinson
Clear based topper of hot pink, neon yellow, white, and periwinkle. 
The contrast between the striking neon colors and the soft perwinkle and white is a major win. This is a OOAK (One of a Kind) polish, so it will not be available for purchase. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Boardwalk Taffy Shop
Layered over Elevation Polish Mount McKinley
Clear based topper of pastel rainbow colors. 
Triangles! Triangle polish is a major draw for me right now and I love their addition (in just right amount) of this polish. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Lollipops and Baby Hippos
Layered over Cult Nails Time Traveler 
Clear based topper of periwinkle, pale pink, and aqua glitter with blue/purple shimmer.
I am gonna sound like a broken record here but I do love this polish! The tiny stars are a wonderful detail and the colors just play well off of each other. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Soliloquy
Two coats
Deep purple jelly base with blue, purple, copper, and red glitter.
Dark and mysterious, this is the other side of Chaos & Crocs and just as lovely. 

Chaos & Crocodiles can be purchased in her Big Cartel shop, as well as through Mei Mei's Signatures and Norway Nails. Updates can be found on her Facebook pageBlogInstagram, and Twitter.

And remember, today's pre-order will be from 12-1 pm and 8-9 pm CST and all the polishes available are up on her shop right now!

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