Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Orly Summer 2014 Baked Collection

Hey guys! How about another summer collection for you all? This time I have Orly's Summer '14 Baked Collection. For me, this is one of the better summer collections from the mainstream brands, the neon polishes are actually neon bright and there is also a good mix of shimmers to add some interest. The only one I did not buy was Lush, this lime green with bar glitter, because I can be picky with bar glitter polishes.

Orly Neon Heat
Two coats
Neon pink creme
Bright as can be and cool toned, I am so digging this color.

Orly Saturated
Two coats
Dark purple creme
Did I neeeeeed another purple creme? Nope. But I fall for them every time. 

Orly Tropical Pop
Two coats
Neon orange/yellow creme
Another super bright color and I like that it's not a straight yellow or orange but more a mango colored neon.

Orly Ablaze
Two coats
Neon orange with gold shimmer
Pretty much IN LOVE with this polish, it's the reason I tracked this collection down. 

Orly Hot Tropics
Two coats
Magenta creme with silver shimmer
The cool counter part to Ablaze and just as awesome. 

I purchased my set from a local supplier but these are out and available at and your local Ulta or Sally Beauty. 


  1. Hot Tropics and Ablaze are my loves!! This collection is great, I agree! Fantastic swatches!

  2. Oh, they are perfect for summer all of them, beautiful swatches!

  3. I need this collection! /drool


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