Friday, June 13, 2014

Digital Nails Friday

Hey everyone! I have a number of Digital Nails polishes for your Friday viewing pleasure. She is actually doing a restock tonight in her Etsy shop at 7 pm CST with a few new colors, check out her Facebook page to see what will be stocked.

Digital Nails Highlander
Three coats
Gold linear holo
Solid gooooold. Very holo as well. And inspired by the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, which was a super win for me. That series was one of my firsts into the "grown-up" book world. 

Digital Nails Supernova
Four coats
Silver holo microglitter in a clear base.
OH YES. I love holo microglitter and this is striking. I love the full effect of it worn by itself but you will need multiple coats to achieve full coverage. 

 Digital Nails Dark Matter
Four coats
Purple holo microglitter in a clear base.
The same type of polish as Supernova but in a different color. Love it!

Digital Nails Keepin' It Weird
Layered over Orly Saturated
Various iridecent glitter in a tinted purple base. 
This polish was created for a group of fellow Austin ladies (Keep Austin Weird!), big thank you to Raph for making it. 

Digital Nails Lump Off
Layered over Orly Saturated
Royal purple, lavender and yellow (including stars) glitter in a purple tinted base. 
Only this can really articulate how I feel about this polish:

Digital Nails Born of Fire
Three coats
Orange jelly base with orange microglitter.

 Digital Nails Showtime, Synergy 
Three coats
Magenta jelly base with pink and purple holo microglitter
A Jem inspired polish?! Be still my heart. I am tentatively looking forward to the movie (they better not mess it up!)


  1. YES, love Digital Nails Born of Fire a lot!!! I keep gravitating towards the orange colours for some reason... :-)

  2. These are gorgeous and your swatches are so good. I really like dark matter, lump off, born of fire and my favourite has to be showtime, synergy (dat holo microglitter tho) :)

  3. Man, I know! They better not mess up the Jem movie! I would be supremely upset! These are gorgeous, Ida! <3


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