Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fair Maiden Polish Feline Catty? Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey y'all! I have a fun new collection from Fair Maiden Polish today. These seven polishes are part of the Feline Catty? Collection, inspired by memorable feline characters from Disney films. The colors are bold and bright and definitely showcase the larger-than-life personalities that some of these heroes (and villains) portrayed. 

I am including pics of the inspiration just before each polish. I don't have definite pricing information but Fair Maiden Polishes range usually from $9 to $11 with the full set having some sort of discount during the initial release launch.  

The Feline Catty? Collection will be released Saturday June 4th at 11 am CST in Fair Maiden Polish's shop

Fair Maiden Polish Dinah
Two coats
Magenta with violet flash and turquoise shimmer
Inspired by: Dinah of Alice in Wonderland
So brightly pink and that shimmer is delicious. Alice in Wonderland is not a series that I followed so I vaguely remember Dinah but I love this pink. It applies easily in two coats. I bet this would look amazing with a matte topcoat as well. 

Fair Maiden Polish Duchess
Two coats
Medium violet purple linear holographic with color shifting pink-gold-green shimmer & silver holo particles
Inspired by: Duchess of The Aristocrats
A pretty and ladylike purple, exactly what I would envision to represent Duchess. The holo flame is a higher density one and I love the silver holo sparks that add an extra wow factor. This is thinner in formula compared to the others but still opaque with two coats.

Fair Maiden Polish Lucifer
Three coats
Black teal-purple multi-chrome with iridescent gold micro flake
Inspired by: Lucifer of Cinderella
A stunning multi-chrome that has a nice shift from teal to blue to purple. I saw some gold flashing in the bottle but I couldn't get it visible in my photographs. You will get enough coverage with two coats but I wanted to get it completely opaque to capture any color shift, so I ended up wearing three coats. 

Fair Maiden Polish Nala
Two coats
Light cocoa brown holographic with blue flash and turquoise holo hex glitter
Inspired by: Nala of The Lion King
So perfectly representative of Nala, wouldn't you agree? I really love seeing those turquoise glitter in the base, it gives the neutral color a bit of a twist. Easy application as well. 

Fair Maiden Polish Rajah
Two coats
Melon orange with blue flash, violet sparkle and gold holo particles
Inspired by: Raja of Aladdin
YAS. A bold AF orange and with the addition of that blue flash. Totally brings to life the vibrancy of the character Rajah. This was definitely my favorite of the collection. A bit thick but otherwise okay application, with two coats for coverage.

Fair Maiden Polish Scar
Two coats
Jade green creme with color shifting red to violet shimmer 
Inspired by: Scar of The Lion King
I was so excited to see this bottle when I opened my package. It's a vivid green which immediately brought to mind Scar and his fabulous, I mean evil, aura.  Application was thicker than I preferred, so I recommend applying thin coats and waiting a few minutes between coat one and two. 

Fair Maiden Polish Si & Am
Two coats
Medium blue holographic with bright blue flakes and gold sparkles
Inspired by: Si & Am of The Lady and the Tramp
Those freaky deaky Siamese cats. They creeped me out as a kid. This blue holo does NOT creep me out though and I like its bold blue shade and how easily it applied. 


Fair Maiden Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Some nice colors for each feline.

  2. Wow, my Lucifer looks nothing like your photos. It's more of an iridescent peacock-blackish-teal with no hints of navy blue at all. Wonder what happened because something got lost in translation.

    1. I can't comment on how it looks in the bottle you have but color shifting polishes are those tricky polishes that sometimes have different looks. If you have concerns I recommend contacting Fair Maiden Polish directly.


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