Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Color4Nails Halo Chrome Powder Pigment: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a newer product from Color4Nails to share today, not a polish exactly but their Halo Chrome Powder Pigment. There are a few different versions of this powder floating around and I had the chance to try out Color4Nails' offering. 

This was actually my first time using this type of product and while it does require a bit more effort than regular polish, I think the final effect is really awesome and worth the patience. If you haven't yet seen what this product actually does, it's a holographic powder pigment that you apply over a gel polish base, leaving you with a super high density holo finish. There is a bit of a learning curve with this type of powder, I referenced the instructions listed on the site but I am going give you a break down of what I did:

1) Applied a gel base coat and cured under my LED lamp (15 seconds)

2) Applied a gel color polish (Pink Gellac Chocolate Brown) and cured it under my LED lamp (60 seconds)

3) Applied a non-wipe gel topcoat and cured for 10 seconds (NOT the full 60 seconds that it regularly needs). This is important. If you do cure the non-wipe topcoat full, the powder will not adhere. 

4) As soon as I took my hand out of the lamp, using a eye-shadow sponge applicator, dabbed the powder all over the nail. You will want to work quickly and cover the nail in minimal strokes. Since the surface still has a tackiness, the powder just sinks in the polish. You can brush off any excess powder from your cuticle line. 

5) Applied another layer of non-wipe gel topcoat and cured for the full 60 seconds under my LED lamp

Because you need to work quickly to apply the powder, I did one full hand cure of the base coat and polish color but when it came time to do the first layer of topcoat, I did each nail separately. 

The pigment itself is 15 micron which means that the particle is smaller (compared to the 35 micron and 50 micron holo pigments available elsewhere). And because this is a combo holo and chrome, the gray chrome color will be the dominant color, it may gray out the base color depending on what you have on. The powder comes in a come plastic container, for $10 you receive 2 grams of powder, which will yield a number of manicures. As for the holo density, let's get to the photos!



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Yeah, this glitter manicure is something. I think that it would be looking great on any nail shape. Honestly I would also do the same glitter design but in red color. Anyway, your nails are perfect!

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