Monday, November 21, 2016

Pahlish Black Friday 2016: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have a massive post from Pahlish today. These seventeen polishes are Pahlish's offering for Black Friday this year. I remember last year how awesome the selection was and was anticipating this year and holy crap, Shannon did not disappoint. You will see that the polishes are all Harry Potter inspired and oh my, they are striking and gorgeous and so worth the empty wallet I am sure you will have post sale. 

Since this is such a large post, I won't be doing into too much detail for each polish beyond description. Formula for all shown were about the same. There was a little variance depending on the collection, the Fantastic Beasts Trio was a creme based set, so they were just slightly thicker, the Sorting Hat Quartet was jelly based with flakes so they were not quite as opaque as the others. Generally though, I did not have any issues with application and got coverage within two to three coats for each one. It's hard to pick favorites but I really loved the Fantastic Beasts Trio, contrasting shimmers are oh so good. 

There will also be two Gift With Purchase polishes available! 
Dumbledore's Army will be free with $50+ purchase and The Boy Who Lived will be free with $75+ purchase. If you hit $75 or more, you will get both of the GWP polishes. 

Look for all of the Black Friday to be available via pre-order -from midnight on Black Friday, November 25th, until 11:59 pm on Monday November 28th in Pahlish's shop.  

November 2016 Diagon Alley Duo:

Palish The Leaky Cauldron
Two coats
Raisin cream

Pahlish Gringott's 
Layered over The Leaky Cauldron
Clear based topper of berry, wine, copper, and olive green glitter with green/purple shimmer and gold/melon dots

Deathly Hallows Trio:

Pahlish Elder Wand 
Two coats
Dark brown jelly with bright blue shimmer

Pahlish Invisibility Cloak 
Two coats
Soft lavender-silver holographic with holographic flakes, platinum shimmer, and purple flakes

Pahlish Resurrection Stone 
Three coats
Sheer black jelly with teal/pink duo-chrome shimmer

The Sorting Hat Quartet:

Pahlish Gryffindor 
Three coats
Scarlet red jelly with gold and rose gold flakes

Pahlish Hufflepuff 
Three coats
Bright marigold yellow jelly with charcoal and ultra-chrome flakes

Pahlish Ravenclaw 
Two coats
Deep indigo blue jelly with gold and bronze flakes

Pahlish Slytherin 
Three coats
Emerald green jelly with platinum and silver holographic flakes

Fantastic Beasts Trio:

Pahlish Hungarian Horntail 
Two coats
Scarlet red pearl shimmer

Pahlish Opaleye 
Two coats
Soft lilac creme with subtle violet pearl shimmer

Pahlish Short-Snout 
Two coats
Indigo blue creme with red pearl shimmer

The Wizarding World – Bespoke Batches:

Pahlish Lestrange 
Two coats
Dark plum linear holographic with blue shimmer

(Under LED Light)

Pahlish Weasley's Wizard Wheezes 
Two coats
Bright coral-pink holographic with metallic red shimmer

(Under LED Light)

Pahlish Wingardium Leviosa 
Two coats
Bright blue linear holographic

(Under LED Light)

Gift with Purchase – Black Friday Exclusives:

Pahlish Dumbledore's Army 
Three coats
Turquoise jelly with holographic flakes and blue ultra-chrome flakes
free with $50+ purchase

Pahlish The Boy Who Lived 
Three coats
Purple jelly with a mix of ultra-chrome flakes and holographic flakes 
free with $75+ purchase



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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