Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer December 2016 LE's: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hi all! Let's start off today with some new monthly polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer. These limited edition polishes for December will be available on Thursday December 1st until January 1st in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop.

Great Lakes Lacquer Fade To Winter
Three coats
Medium blue (warm) to dark blue (cold) thermal with blue/purple shifting shimmer plus scattered holo
Inspiration notes:
An ode to the stolen blue sky of summer.
Softly beautiful and very reminiscent of winter dusk to night times. It has a crelly like formula so three thin coats worked best for me. It transitions quickly from the lighter blue state to the darker blue in colder temps.


(Cold State)

Great Lakes Lacquer Rainbow! Right Here And Now!
Three coats
Gray crelly with flakes that represents all colors of the rainbow
Inspiration notes:
Inspired by a photo and named for a beloved character in a book.  Every rainbow I see, I say in my head 'Right Here And Now!'  Most times, I will add a Wolf onto the end as well.
Unexpected but very much welcome. I rarely gravitate toward gray shades but with the iridescent flakes, it has a bit of purple to the color and is oh so pretty. This is slightly thick but that's not unusual considering the flakes and holo pigment added. Like the previous polish, three thinly applied coats is all you need. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Winter Solstice Sunrise
Three coats
Faded sky blue with violet to blue to purple multi-chrome flakes that shifts plus multi-colored shimmer
Inspiration notes:
Inspired by sunrises and the colors that inspire me the most.
This one though, it's my favorite of the three. The dusky, almost periwinkle blue base is exactly what I love and then you add those ultra chrome flakes and damn. Gorgeous. The base color is on the sheer side, which I understand, if you had a more opaque base color, the flakes would not have been as prominent. Three coats worked best here too, though a ridge builder base coat would help. 


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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