Friday, December 23, 2016

Crowsmas Collection 2016: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have some new Crows Toes to share today. These four are part of her Crowsmas 2016 Collection and are available right now in the Crows Toes shopuntil Sunday December 25th at 8 pm EST. The shop will close then to catch up orders and then re-open sometime again before the end of the month. Sideswiped and Instant Xmas will become core colors but ...I Need A Tinselectomy and Holiday Nuts are only available this holiday season and will be retired until next year, so if those two catch you eye, get them now while you can! 

Crows Toes ...I Need a Tinselectomy.
Two coats
Cyan blue base multi-chrome shimmer with flashes of bright green to coral pink
So brightly blue and the color shifting flashes of green and pink make this an altogether amazing polish. Formula is good, it's opaque in two coats, with a bit of visible nail but not in a bothersome way. 

Crows Toes Holiday Nuts 
Layered over Rescue Beauty Recycle 
Clear based glitter topper with brown, gold, and green various glitter
Festive, gold dominant glitter, which is really perfect for the holiday season. You could build up to opacity but you would need at least three to four coats to do that, I preferred to layer it instead. You can pair this with any number of different colored bases but I loved it over a dark green, which gave it an even more holiday tone. 

Crows Toes Sideswiped
Two coats
Dusky lavender base multi-chrome shimmer with flashes of blue, magenta, and gold
Similar in formula to I Need a Tinselectomy but slightly more opaque. I would go as far to call this a frost because it does have some visible brush strokes BUT this is not the dreaded 80's/90's frosty polish that you would dismiss. The flashes of the other colors and the overall fresh but at the same time duskier lavender color is so very pretty! 

Crows Toes Instant XMAS 
(just add nails) 
Layered over Essie In the Lobby
 Clear based glitter topper with red and green and other multi-colored iridescent glitter 
This one though, it is the star of the set, at least for me. A iridescent glitter topper is so versatile and has such a striking visual impact, particularly if you layer it over a darker base color, though it would look just as wonderful over a lighter base. I LOVE how it looks over the berry creme I chose, with the green and red iridescence it is, ugh, seriously swoon worthy. 


Crows Toes

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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