Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Top 34 Polishes of 2016

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Purchased By Me
Hey everyone! For this last day in 2016 I wanted to share my favorite polishes of the past year. This list first started out with 60+ polishes and I cut that down to 34 which I know is not a nice round number but I really could not narrow it down any further. My only requirement was that the polish be released in 2016. I did not end up including any mainstream brands because really, I purchased so few mainstream polishes in 2016 As for this list, I did not number them but have them listed in alphabetical order. Also, I preemptively apologize for sharing many that are no longer available. 

I know there are lot of amazing brands that I have yet to try so if you had a stand out brand or polish not listed, that was one of YOUR favorites of 2016, share that in the comments! See ya in 2017!

Alchemy Lacquers Euphoria
Part of my Top 34 because:
Purple shimmer, be still my heart. 

Anchor & Heart Lacquer Sweet Love
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's such a soft and delicate crelly, which I don't usually gravitate toward but I love how cozy this looks. 

Baroness X Sir Cockicorn
Layered over a cobalt blue jelly base
Part of my Top 34 because:
Yessss, glorious unicorn pee color-shifting shimmer. And as a topper, I can wear it over everything. This is a group custom available only to members of The X Army. I am not sure if it will be available in 2017 but be sure to join the group to know about other future customs. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Cheshire Rose
Part of my Top 34 because:
So. Very. Shifty. AND holographic!
This was a Hella Holo Customs exclusive so it is not available any longer but if you join the HHC group, they have an off shoot group in which you can post a ISO (In Search Of). 

Chaos & Crocodiles Red Velvet Cake at Midnight
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's such a gorgeous deep burgundy red and of course, high density holo, with that fool-proof application that all Chaos & Crocodiles polishes have.

Cirque Colors Dakota 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Sometimes I just want to wear a light neutral and this is a "My Nails But Better" type of polish. Palette cleanser perfection.

Crows Toes Abracadabra
Part of my Top 34 because:
Sparkle galore with multicolored flakes and silver, yum! 
This was another Hella Holo Customs exclusive so it is not available any longer but if you join the HHC group, they have an off shoot group in which you can post a ISO (In Search Of). 

Cupcake Polish Cocoon
Part of my Top 34 because:
The orange coral is just what I want to wear in the summer. 

Cupcake Polish Lemonheads 
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's striking golden yellow coloring and high impact holo-ness. This was an exclusive to the March 2016 Holo Hookup Box

Darling Diva Polish Eye Candy 
Part of my Top 34 because:
I love the contrast between the silver and the ultra chrome flakes. And of course, the Teen Wolf reference.

Different Dimension Ghost Of Jupiter
Part of my Top 34 because:
We got to see more of these color-shifting green/gold/red glitter and I really loved seeing them in all the variety of bases that were offered this year. But I LOVED them in this silver toned polish from Different Dimension.

Different Dimension The Eagle Has Landed
Part of my Top 34 because:
Red copper shimmer + purple = Magnificence

Emily de Molly Pending Perfection
Part of my Top 34 because:
I happen to love the combination of pale green and pink and wow, this Emily de Molly number is truly stunning. 

Ever After Polish 2 Peace in a Pod
Part of my Top 34 because:
I know, this is very similar to the previous Emily de Molly polish but this is an even softer version, with a more subtle pink shimmer and glass-like pale green base. I can't help it, I adore both polishes. 

Fair Maiden Polish Shadow of Your Heart 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Fair Maiden Polish outdid themselves this year but as soon as I started thinking about this list, Shadow of Your Heart immediately popped in my head. I wore this for weeks straight as a pedicure color. 

Girly Bits Cosmetics Sep-timber 
Part of my Top 34 because:
This was a good year for brown polishes and for me, this was the one that was most memorable. This was part of the the September COTM Duo and sadly, not available any longer. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Hope Full 
Part of my Top 34 because:
The perfect burnt orange color to wear when pumpkin spice hits the shelves. Even though I hate pumpkin spice lol. Another that is unavailable, it was a monthly Limited Edition for November. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Washed in Holo 
Part of my Top 34 because:
I could stare of this color all day. It is available now but will be retired after February 1st, as will the rest of the The Sunset Dissected collection, so get it now while you can

Illyrian Polish Mad World 
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's just seriously so pretty. This a monthly limited edition release for August 2016 but may make a return to Illyrian Polish or her stockists. 

Illyrian Polish Soft Shock 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Can you see by now, my love of this red copper shimmer? It looks wonderful in this light periwinkle base. Another monthly LE for April 2016 but it was restocked post April, so maybe it will return in 2017 via Illyrian Polish or her stockists. 

Lemming Lacquer Crack Whore Red 
Part of my Top 34 because:
I had a hard time narrowing down my Lemming Lacquer polishes but this was another that stood out for me. Glorious glowy red. 

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Bid Adieu to Your Ennui 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Another brand that put out awesomely inspired and beautiful collections this year. Will you look at how bright and shimmery this matte finish is?

Model City Polish Making Friends
Part of my Top 34 because:
There were a number of brands that closed their doors in 2016 and sadly, Model City Polish was one of them. I will miss Nina's creations but she will continue to be active as a blogger in the polish community. In the meantime, I will just admire the ones I own, including this true red holo. 

Pahlish Saint Glinda 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Pahlish keeps outdoing themselves, I am not even sure how Shannon does it. Saint Glinda though, was my very favorite Pahlish this year.

Paint Box Polish The Impossible Girl 
Part of my Top 34 because:
Holy heck, the color shift in this is insane. Gold, green, red, orange, your eyes are not sure where to look. 

Polish My Life Citrine Hard Candy 
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's a unique and somewhat nostalgic color. It brings to mind a 70's color motif but in an elevated way. 

Polish My Life Ruby Red Shoes 
Part of my Top 34 because:
My love of red polish is not a secret and I have endless red polishes in my collection. This brick toned deep red is something I know I will wear over and over again. 

Polished for Days Mentlana
Part of my Top 34 because:
This was the year that I really got to wear more Polished For Days and this dusky rose holo is understated and just lovely. 

Potion Polish Christmas Cheer
Part of my Top 34 because:
It's gasp-inducing. That is all. 

Shleee Polish Royal Witch 3.0
Part of my Top 34 because:
This was the year that I finally jumped in the temptation train that is Shleee Polish. She releases polishes in small batch releases so sometimes a polish will have multiple variations, which is how I ended up with two versions of this. That shimmer though...

Shleee Polish Strawberry Moon 3.0
Part of my Top 34 because:
Another fantastic shimmer from Shleee, this time a lighter toned base with (again) that red copper shimmer. 

le polish Succulent Stargazer
Part of my Top 34 because:
I loved how this custom collab polish that le polish created for the Green Color Box came out. If you missed the box when it was released, le polish will be offering this individually later on. 

Tonic Polish Alchemy
Part of my Top 34 because:
Hot damn, it's so vampy and gorgeous. Tonic Polish is a newer brand to debut in 2016 and I am excited to see what 2017 will bring. 

Vapid Lacquer Round 'n' Round
Part of my Top 34 because:
Pink! And red copper shimmer! Together, this magic happens. 

Honorable Mentions:

Cirque Colors Raven
Contrary Polish An Imperfect Magic
Darling Diva Polish Maximum Effort
Great Lakes Lacquer Lake Superior
Fair Maiden Polish Michigan Avenue
Illyrian Polish Awaken Your Magic
Lemming Lacquer Bloody Mary Full of Vodka
Paint Box Polish Love's Keen Sting


  1. Some amazing polishes that were your top ones of 2016.

  2. I can't even begin to put a post like this together. There are just too many to choose from. Excellent picks!

  3. I love posts like this. My wallet, not so much lol. Thanks for including Girly Bits xo

  4. This is such a treasure trove of great information. I wanted to let you know that even years later, it's so great to have a favorites list from somebody who really knows Indies. I'm new to Indies since the Spring, and this kind of post really helps. Thank you.

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