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Darling Diva Polish The Watch Your Pack Collection: Swatches and Review

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HELLO! For today I have a new collection from Darling Diva Polish to share. The Watch Your Pack Collection is inspired by one of my favorite shows, Teen Wolf, which I had the pleasure of introducing to Carrie. I know what you are thinking.....a show about paranormal teens, on MTV, it sounds cliched and not like an entirely impressive premise. But you would be completely mistaken in thinking that! This show is so so so GOOD. But if you need more convincing, here are some reasons why you should watch.

Now, of course I am going to be excited for this collection so I may built it up on my head a bit. I will admit that I was a somewhat disappointed when I opened my blogger package. I am not sure what I was expecting but it seemed like a subdued collection. However, after swatching the polishes and connecting the names and colors to the inspiration, I think they all tie in really well with the source material. This is a one pour collection, so once they gone, they are gone. Pricing, they will be about $9 to $11 and Darling Diva usually has a listing for the whole collection at a slightly discounted price.

Look for the Watch Your Pack Collection to be released this Friday July 22nd in Darling Diva Polish's shop. Cue the credits.....

Darling Diva Polish Blood Teeth & Bromance
Three coats
Bold blue jelly with silver holo particles and ultra-chrome flakes
Maker noteI made this for the amazing bromance between Scott and Stiles. Its a thing of beauty, just like their friendship.
These guys. They kill me! With their steadfast bromance of a friendship, it is by far the best relationship of the show. I love that this polish is inspired by them with it's holo and flakes and rich blue color.

Darling Diva Polish Eye Candy
Silver holographic and pink to green multi-chrome flakes in a clear base
Three coats
Maker noteThis polish is full of holographic flakies and multichrome flakies that flash pink to green.  As with the series Teen Wolf, this polish is definitely eye candy.  Think Derek style pretty but in polish form.  Sparkle on Derek, sparkle on..........
This show has one of the most attractive casts on TV. Just look at those dreamy muscl...I mean eyes. The polish itself, oh my goodness, it's just as dreamy. The flakes contrast wonderfully with the silver holo. Since it's in a clear base, you could wear this as a topper but I like seeing it worn solo so I built up with three thin coats. 

Darling Diva Polish Tainted
Two coats
Maker noteWhen a werewolf kills an innocent their eyes change to a brilliant blue.  Queue to not get on their bad side I guess.
Being tainted is terrible. But it makes for a killer story-line and of course, a beautiful blue polish. This was a little thick so don't do what I did and not give yourself enough time between coats and then your topcoat. Otherwise, ooohhh sparkle, just what I need to distract me from the GOOD GOSH WILL YOU LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BEAST?!

Darling Diva Polish The Alpha
Dark ruby red with gold micro-flake shimmer and holographic pigment
Two coats
Maker noteThis is a deep red shimmeryish polish with added golden holo sparkle and gold flakies.  There is a little shift in the flakies but the red is the main player here.  Be dominate and kick some ass with this on!
I don't think a Teen Wolf inspired collection would have been complete without a red polish. Carrie consistently creates some of the very best reds and this is one freaking roar-worthy red! It is a bit thick but not terribly so and two coats for coverage.

Darling Diva Polish The Healer
Two coats
Forest green linear holographic
Maker noteEvery werewolf needs that special Veterina....sorry Druid healer who can take care of your boo-boos.  You can gift your favorite healer with this blackened green shimmery soft holo perfect for traipsing around the forest gathering all those druidy things that are needed to heal your wolfie:)
Oh those darn kids, they just get hurt and then the adult here, in the form of the sensible druid healer veterinarian, has to patch them up. I like the forest green shade though it doesn't feel like something new. It applies easily with a thinner style formula, opaque in two coats.  

Darling Diva Polish The Hot Kitsune
Two coats
Sandy gold linear holographic
Maker note: Carrying around the spirit of a kitsune is hard work.  One that fires electricity?  Damn girl!!!  This holo gold polish would sure captivate that naughty kitsune spirit long enough to oh say, have lunch with your hot werewolf boyfriend.
You too, can feel like a bad ass, sword wielding, centuries old Kitsune with those gold polish on! I love gold polishes and this one is wonderful. It's just the right consistency and opaque enough in two coats. 

Darling Diva Polish The Huntress
Two coats
Blackened purple crelly with gold micro-flakes and shimmer and holographic pigment
Maker noteImagine you are out hunting whatever monster is threatening your family..........and you look down at your nails as you pull back your arrow and catch sight of this gorgeous deep blackened purple polish full of gold flakes and holo gold shimmer and are wowwed by the gorgeousness of your nails in the moonlight.  Would you miss?
Oh Alison. *sob* I won't say anything else because spoilers but I think this a fantastic representation of her with the darker but not totally black purple color and all that shimmer. I applied two coats and have enough coverage, you may find that you need three coats if you have any patchiness. 

Darling Diva Polish The Screamer
Three coats
Light minty teal green with iridescent and gold shimmer
Maker noteIf you were a socialite banshee haute couture as well as longevity in your polish would be a must.  Something subtle but with spark.  This super pale teal shimmer polish is just the thing Lydia would reach for.
A lovely and soft color and it has a complexity to it with the added shimmers. I think it will be a more popular shade in the collection so you better grab it while you can when it goes live. It is a more sheer polish so I applied three thin coats to get the opacity I needed. 


Darling Diva Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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