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Girly Bits A Little Madness Collection plus June and July 2016 COTM Duos: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hi everyone! I have some polishes today from Girly Bits Cosmetics. This first six polishes are part of the A Little Madness Collection, and the final four polishes are COTM (Colors of the Month) polishes for the months of June and July. This is a photo heavy post so let's jump in! 

A Little Madness Collection as well as the June and July COTM Duos are available now in Girly Bits's shop

This is the last day to pre-order the June COTM Duo so if you like those two, get them ASAP. As for shipping info, as there has been some uncertainty with shipping from Canada this month, read Girly Bits' blog post about shipping. 

Girly Bits A Little Madness
Two coats
Orange/coral low density holographic with a red flash and violet shimmer
That shimmer makes this tangerine color even more fantastic. 

Girly Bits Believe the Impossible
Two coats
Light lavender linear holographic
Metallic looking holos are my favorite kind and this polish is a great example of that. It goes on really well, needing just two coats and has a high density holo flame. 

Girly Bits Go Ask Alice 
Three coats
Medium aqua blue crelly
My oh my, this is a luscious blue. It's very saturated and a bit darker compared to the blue COTM down below. It has a crelly style formula so I did three coats to get full coverage. 

Girly Bits Heads Will Roll
Two coats
Garnet red jelly with gold/green glass fleck
A color that feels a bit more fall appropriate but considering the inspiration of the Queen of Hearts, it's ties in perfectly in the collection. The gold shimmer is heavy in the base but the formula was very nice, needing two coats for coverage.

Girly Bits Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar
Two coats
Purple to blue to teal multi-chrome with added gold holographic micro-glitter
Who can resist a shifty polish? Not I, especially with those added sparks of glitter. It's opaque enough to be worn in two coats, though you may need a third if you apply thinner style coats. 

Girly Bits White Rabbit
Two coats
White crelly with silver flakes and sparkling iridescent gold micro-glitter
A sparkling beauty. It's a bit more duskier in real life. This will dry down to a bit of a texture so double up on your topcoat if you want a smooth finish.

Girly Bits Here’s Lagoon Atcha
June COTM 
Two coats
Bright aqua crelly
THIS COLOR. I love it. I am actually wearing it on my toes now. Formula is nicely opaque in two coats. 

Girly Bits Peach Slapped
June COTM 
Two coats
Neon peach creme
A beautiful creamy peachy color that compliments it's blue counterpart in the Duo. Nice fluid formula so I did two thicker coats for coverage. 

Girly Bits No Tan Lines
July COTM 
Three coats
Medium coral orange low-medium density holographic with red shimmer and gold glass fleck
Orange delight! That's what this is. Fizzy and refreshing. A bit more opaque than Suns Out Buns Out but I still needed three thin coats for coverage.

Girly Bits Suns Out Buns Out
July COTM 
Three coats
Bright pink low density holographic with gold shimmer and glass fleck
Another gorgeous summer pink with that awesome gold shimmer to accent. This is a jelly based holo so three thin coats for application. I still had a bit of visible nail line but it's not crazy obvious. 


Girly Bits: 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


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