Thursday, April 20, 2017

Great Lakes Lacquer Polish Con NYC 2017 LE's: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! For today I have new polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer. These four are limited editions created for Polish Con and although they will debut at Polish Con NYC on April 29th, they will not be exclusive to the event. If you are not able to go to Polish Con, you will be able to purchase these in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop on May 5th at 2 pm EST through May 12th, limited to that sale date window. 

Great Lakes Lacquer A Bite of the Big Apple
Two coats
 Magenta red jelly with purple to red multi-chrome flake, purple/blue/gold iridescent flakes, and copper and on tone shimmer
Holy shitsnacks this is amazing! I looove the contrast of those flakes in the bold magenta base. Applies like a dream with two coats for coverage. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Brooklyn Shenanigan
Two coats
Royal purple linear holographic with a multi-chrome shift from intense red to gold and orange
Clearly going to be a in demand polish. So very pretty. Applies really well, I got coverage in two coats, if you have longer nails, you may find that you need three coats. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Coney Island Queen
Two coats
Grayed out blue base multi-chrome with shifts from bright blue to purple to fuchsia to orange and scattered holo effect. 
This is a more subdued color but not less fantastic. The shift is a little subtle but definitely there. The creme based formula is slightly thicker than the previous two polishes but applies without issue. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Spring at Prospect Park
Two coats
 Sky blue crelly with shifting flake of the iridescent and multi-chrome variety that include the colors blue, gold, green, and purple with shimmer that shifts from green to blue and a scattering of holo.
Another beautiful polish, good gosh Mariah killed it with these. Again, the contrast of base and flakes here is wonderful, especially with that vibrant sky blue color. I was expecting to need three coats and was happy to see that I needed just two. Longer nails or those who apply thinner coats may need three. 


Great Lakes Lacquer

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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