Thursday, January 21, 2016

Darling Diva Polish The Force Collection Part Two: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have a new set of polishes from Darling Diva Polish today. Darling Diva released her first set of The Force Collection in December, here is my blog post if you wanted a refresher, and now we have a whole other new collection that serves as part two! I am including more gifs for this post as I did for the part one, hope you enjoy those. 

The Force Collection Part Two will be released Friday January 22nd at 7 pm CST in Darling Diva Polish's shop
Polishes will be priced from $8.50 to $12 each and you can purchase the full eight polish set for a discounted $70.  

Darling Diva Polish These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For
Two coats
White crelly with silver, gold, blue, and red glitter
Basically R2-D2 and C-3PO in a polish. The white itself was opaque enough that you could apply just two coats with some visible nail line but I applied three for total coverage.

Darling Diva Polish Blood is Thicker...
Two coats
Deep red jelly with holographic gold and red micro-glitter
You knew I would love this one right? Oh yeah, I totally do. Very rich in color and very easy to apply in two coats.

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Cloud City
Three coats
Sky blue jelly base with pink shimmer, multi-colored iridescent flakes and holographic pigment
The color is dreamy, just like it's inspiration. It is on the thin side, I applied three coats and still had some visible nail showing. I prefer that rather than layering but if that bothers you, you could apply this over a variety of blue shades for the same effect. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Come to the Dark Side
Two coats
Black jelly linear holographic with silver flakes and red micro-glitter
Oh the temptation of the dark polish form. TEMPT ME NOT! (but really, yes please). 
I like the hints of red and the silver accents in this and that you get a good amount of coverage in two coats.

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Do or Do Not, There is No Try
Two coats
Moss green crelly with blue/green ultra-chrome flakes plus gold and holographic shimmer
Not a color I would immediately gravitate toward (yellow toned greens and I don't see eye to eye) but I like the flakes and how the holo shimmer sparkles in the light.

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Let the Wookiee Win
Two coats
Caramel brown jelly linear holographic with copper flakes
Another Wookiee inspired brown and just as nice as the previous collection's RRRAARRWHHGWWR. The copper flakes warm up the color and it is especially nice in the sun with it's holo-ness. I was expecting to need three coats but two coats worked out great.  

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish My M'Effen Lightsaber is Purple
Two coats
Mid-tone purple linear holographic with purple and silver ultra-chrome flakes
I love that Samuel L. Jackson wanted to have his "bad mother****er"light saber be purple. And this polish is 100% worthy of that title. It's bold and glowy and crazy pretty in the sun. Quite opaque in coverage, you barely need two coats for coverage.

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Rey
Two coats
Medium sandy nude linear holographic with gold shimmer and flakes
And finally we have this lovely neutral. The gold shimmer and flakes warm up the color and on me, compliments my skin tone. Applies well with just two coats needed for coverage. 

(Direct Sunlight)


Darling Diva Polish:


  1. Pretty swatches!!! Lovely colors that are really worth checking out!

  2. Such a beautiful review, and with all the necessary inspiration pics :) I loved reading it!


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