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Darling Diva Polish Naughty Bunny Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey guys! I have a new collection from Darling Diva Polish for today. This set of eight polishes are part of the Naughty Bunny Collection. With this set we get to see more cremes from Darling Diva and that makes me a happy lady. If the names sound familiar, it's because the inspiration comes from the Happy Bunny comic series, which was a trip into nostalgia for me. 

The Naughty Bunny Collection will be launching today Friday, April 29th at 7 pm CST in Darling Diva Polish's shop

The cremes are $8 each and the topper polishes are $9 each, you can also purchase the full set for a discounted price of $60 (plus shipping). 

Darling Diva Polish Cute, But Psycho
Two coats
Light lilac creme
This is slightly blue in tone, especially in my white Ottlight lighting. It covers well in two coats, which I love for such a light colored purple.

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish Go Suck Someplace Else
Two coats
Pale buttercream yellow creme
Buttercream yellow is my favorite kind of yellow polish. It has a bit more of a jelly like consistency rather than the straight creme that the previous one was though I still got coverage with two coats. You may find needing a third coat depending of how thin you apply. 

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish Hating You Makes Me All Warm Inside
Two coats
Light orchid pink creme
Yum. Purple toned pink and all sorts of lovely. Easy application as well, with two self leveling coats.

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish Hi, Loser!
Two coats
Pastel green creme
But of course we must have a green to balance out the color spectrum of the collection and this brightened pastel green is great. Coverage is about the same as the pink, so two coats for coverage for me. 

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish I Made a Little Sculpture of You
Three coats
Light orange crelly 
This immediately made me think of Creamsicles. It has the most jelly like consistency out of the collection so I would classify it as a crelly rather than creme. So with that in mind, you will want to apply two to three coats for coverage, I applied three thin coats.

(artificial lighting)

 Darling Diva Polish It's Okay If You Want to Drop Dead
Two coats
Pastel blue creme
Light and fresh looking blue, which is something every polish lover should have in their collection. This was the only one I had to be more careful when applying. It wasn't thick, I just think there was more white in the base over the other colors, which made the first coat streaky, but my second coat covered well. 

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish I'll Be Nicer When You're Smarter
Layered over Pretty Serious Presence
Violet/blue/teal ultra-chrome flake topper
A beautiful purple toned flake topper that you can apply over so many polishes. I chose to swatch it over a white base to give you guys a good read on how the flakes look. This is one coat over the white. 

(artificial lighting)

Darling Diva Polish Crazy Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It
Layered over Pretty Serious Absence 
Holographic top coat
UGH YES. I love a good holo topper and this is wonderful. It has a medium density holo flame and you can apply it over everything. I wanted to show off the holo-ness so I have it over a black base but it looks fantastic over the pale cremes in this collection. 

(artificial lighting)

Dots! Doesn't this look like Dippin Dots ice cream? I added a layer of Crazy Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It give it a bit of extra sparkle. 


Darling Diva Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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