Monday, April 4, 2016

Pahlish Patisserie de Pahlish Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey everyone! I have a new collection from Pahlish to share today. This month's collection is actually done in two parts. The Patisserie de Pahlish consists of 5 creme polishes inspired by the brand's favorite macaroons, in addition to those five, there is a duo of topper polishes inspired by marshmallows. For each of the cremes, I layered over one of the two toppers, so you would be able to see a variety of combinations. 

The Patisserie de Pahlish Collection will be released this Friday, April 8th 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop

The cremes will be $11 individually or $50 for the set of five. The topper polishes will be $12 each and sold individually.
I am going to list the topper descriptions first so you have that information before you see the photos:
  • Guimauve a la Framboise - topper with a mix of copper flakes with rosy glass-fleck shimmer and red ultra-chrome flakes
  • Guimauve a la Violette - topper with a mix of silver and purple flakes plus purple glass-fleck shimmer and purple ultra-chrome flakes
Pahlish Cassis Violette 
Two coats
Violet greige creme
If you bought Nodding Violet from last month's Midsummer Night's Dream Collection, you will undoubtedly love this shade. It's an unadorned creme rather than a shimmer holo but no less fantastic with it's fluid and opaque formula. 

Guimauve a la Violette layered over Cassis Violette

Pahlish Griotte Amande
Two coats
Marsala red creme
Warm and rich in coloring, something I would wear any time of the year. The best of the lot, formula wise, two easy coats for opacity. 

Guimauve a la Framboise layered over Griotte Amande
This combination works so well, with the copper flake topper against the warm marsala red. 

Pahlish Menthe Glaciale  
Two coats
Glacier blue creme
A really lovely shade of blue with a bit of green in the coloring and as well as a dusky overtone. Two opaque coats for coverage.

Guimauve a la Violette layered over Menthe Glaciale 
You can see the violet shimmer a bit more easily here against the blue base. 

Pahlish Petale de Rose 
Two coats
Soft orchid pink creme
~swoon~  A gorgeous softened pink creme that is still quite bright looking. This had a bit more of a "watery" consistency to the formula so I waited a couple of minutes longer between coats and layering but otherwise no other critique. 

Guimauve a la Violette layered over Petale de Rose

Pahlish Pistache 
Two coats
Warm pistachio creme
When I first glanced at the name, I didn't immediately think of pistachio as a color reference, as most of the time, pistachio is a lighter color. But if you think of how a pistachio nut color actually looks like, this is more accurate than say, a mint color that pistachio ice cream or pudding usually is. My brain, by the way, is way more analytical of colors and shades, so that was likely more of a color break down than you were expecting. Formula is great, two coats and that is all you need. 

Guimauve a la Framboise layered over Pistache
I love how the copper contrasts over the green. 



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. I really need more Pahlish in my life! These are all gorgeous!

  2. These all look so fabulous on you! I love that Shannon is doing more cremes lately <3.


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