Monday, April 11, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer Turquoise Delight & Washed in Holo

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a couple of new polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer to share with you today. Mariah, of GLL, will be releasing Washed in Holo, as well as few small batch and sample polishes this Friday, April 15th at 3 pm EST in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop

Great Lakes Lacquer Turquoise Delight
Three coats
Light blue leaning turquoise with pink to gold color-shifting shimmer and hot pink micro flakes
Small batch polish
Named by yours truly, this is really a delightful color. I love how light and airy and pretty it looks. The shimmer is subtle and adds a nice accent. Since it has more of a crelly formula, I applied three thin coats for coverage. 

(Artificial lighting)

Great Lakes Lacquer Washed in Holo 
Two coats
Deep burgundy magenta with blue to purple shifting shimmer, neon purple and iridescent purple micro flake with a strong linear holo
Wow oh wow, this is STUNNING. It was created as a holographic version of Washed in Magenta from the Sunset Dissected Collection and I think both versions are gorgeous and worth owning. This holographic version is bold and has high density holo flame. Formula wise, it applies in two coats. This is not a limited edition polish, if it sells out, it will return to the shop in the future. 

(Artificial lighting)

(Direct Sunlight)


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

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  1. Both of them look great but I'm in particularly loving the look of that turquoise polish.


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