Thursday, March 3, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset Dissected Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey y'all! I have a new collection from Great Lakes Lacquer to share with you today. The Sunset Dissected Collection is a six piece set inspired by the range of colors that comes from the beauty of the setting sun. I loved the color story of this collection and I can definitely attest to the how hard that maker Mariah worked to create polishes that have really good formula and application to go along with the wonderful colors.

The Sunset Dissected Collection will be released Monday, March 7th at 3 pm EST in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop

Great Lakes Lacquer Disappearing Daylight 
Two coats
Dusty periwinkle crelly with gold and bronze shimmer
Softened dusky periwinkle is a color I didn't even realize I wanted until I saw it in person. The gold and bronze shimmer gives the color a bit of warmth and detailing. Two coats for coverage, you may require a third coat depending on how thin you apply your polish. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Lavender Light 
Two coats
Medium lavender crelly with shifting pink to gold glass flecks
I have to admit that I think I am getting purple fatigue. I am just not reaching for the color that often. The one though, it feels fresh and bright and may be just what I needed to renew my interest in purple. Same formula and application quality as the Disappearing Daylight. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Sailor's Delight
Two coats
Deep red leaning orange with on-tone sheen/shimmer
Goodness gracious oh my, what an orange! Yes yes, I know, I have a type. BUT I feel like this one is so vivid and bold and would be pretty on a range of skin tones. Nice squishy quality to the jelly like finish and two coats was all I needed. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Last Remaining Light 
Two coats
Medium blue with shifting gold/green/pink shimmer and scattered holographic pigment
One of those tricky blues that have purple overtones, whatever you want to call it, it's gorgeous with its deep coloring and the flakes and the holo. Formula is very nice, two coats got me the coverage I needed. 

Great Lakes Lacquer The Last Sliver of Sun
Two coats
Light lemon yellow crelly with rosy red pearl and bronze/gold/green multi-chrome flakes
When I first saw this polish bottle, I was a bit apprehensive, as I like yellow colors but they don't always like me. I should have never doubted because on the nail, it's absolutely lovely. It has a very buttery quality and the complimentary flakes are perfection. Two easily applied coats was all I needed. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Washed in Magenta
Two coats
Deep violet red jelly loaded shifting blue and purple shimmer
Hot damn, this is a stunner. I wish I could have properly done it justice but I hope that you get a bottle for yourself to see just how awesome it is. The blue/purple shimmer is very prominent, no hidden shimmer here! In hindsight, I likely should have done a third coat but I have it shown here with two. 


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