Monday, March 14, 2016

Color4Nails Presents Lilypad Lacquer: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a selection of polishes from Lilypad Lacquer, courtesy of Color4Nails. The first three polishes are Color4Nails exclusives and the remaining five are other Lilypad Lacquer polishes. I personally love seeing brands like Lilypad Lacquer (who is based out of Australia) available to me from Color4Nails, as the shipping cost is much lower and I know I will get my order pretty darn quick. The polishes shown here are available right now in Color4Nails shop

Lilypad Lacquer Break The Rules
Color4Nails Exclusive 
Three coats
Violet/teal color-shifting shade with multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
The shimmer is what this one is all about, it is very bold against the violet/blue base. This base is somewhat sheer so I applied three coats and probably should have done a fourth but three worked okay. 

Lilypad Lacquer Guilty Pleasures
Color4Nails Exclusive 
Three coats
Green/copper color-shifting shade with multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
An earthy but rich green especially the gold shimmer. The base color was sheerish but I found this to be more opaque than Break the Rules, three coats was perfect.

Lilypad Lacquer Love Me Or Leave Me
Color4Nails Exclusive 
Three coats
Brown/red color-shifting shade with multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
Such an interesting color. It has a burnished quality to it and I like that the flakes look like they are floating in the base. Formula was about the same as the other two exclusives.

Lilypad Lacquer Dreams Come True
Three coats
Violet base with various multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
This one may be the one I liked the most out of the set with it's strong gold shimmer and violet tone. On the sheer side, so three coats got me the opacity I needed. 

Lilypad Lacquer Evergreen
Two coats
Forest green linear holographic
Dark and lovely and very easy to work with, needing just two coats for coverage. 

Lilypad Lacquer Glory
Three coats
Copper to red to violet to purple color-shifting flakes and glitter
Actually no, I lied, THIS one is my favorite. It's so so pretty and it has the sort of color shift I like the most. You could layer this over a base but I decided to build up with three thin coats and I like the striking look of that a lot. Double layer of topcoat though for a smooth finish.

Lilypad Lacquer Jumping For Joy 
Two coats
Teal green base with various multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
Unique coloring but I am going to tell you honestly that it wasn't for me. Green plus pink and purple together is one of my least favorite combinations. BUT I know that it will appeal to many others and for you guys, I am sure you will love it. Formula wise, it will need three coats for coverage. 

Lilypad Lacquer Magic At Midnight 
Two coats
Dark blue base with various multi-chrome and color-shifting flakes
So much going on, it's hard to accurately describe this. The gold, the teal blue, the glints or orange and pink, yum. Application performed liked the others, three coats was best for coverage. 



Lilypad Lacquer:

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