Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Paint Box Polish Ciao, Gelato! Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi all! I have a new collection from Paint Box Polish. This eight polish set is her Spring 2016 Ciao, Gelato! Collection, all shades inspired by colors you would find in an Italian Gelateria. Maker Pam was kind enough to provide with one of her inspiration photos which I will include below.

Paint Box Polish is also releasing Amaretto Tiramisu cuticle oil to complete your Italian dessert fix. It has notes of Amaretto, espresso, cocoa, mascarpone, and Madeira and it will be available in roller ball tubes or brush pens.

The Ciao, Gelato! Collection will be released this Saturday, March 19th at 12 pm EST in Paint Box Polish's shop

You can also use the discount code IDANAILSIT for 15% off your order. 

Paint Box Polish Ananas
Three coats
Pale yellow crelly
You may have been like me and thought that Ananas meant Bananas but it does not! It actually translates to Pineapple (thanks for nothing high school Spanish). This shade is lovely and buttery yellow. I applied three thinner coats. 

Paint Box Polish Bacio
Two coats
Warm toned medium brown crelly
Like the most creamy scoop of chocolate gelato. Bacio are named after a popular hazelnut candy, which immediately makes this even better. Not that you will get hazelnuts from this. Formula is a more opaque, so I got away with two coats for coverage.

Paint Box Polish Fragola
Three coats
Strawberry pink crelly
One of my favorites of the set, this sweet looking pink delight is simply wonderful. Three thin coats and that is it!

Paint Box Polish Frutti di Bosco 
Two coats
Berry purple crelly
Frutti di Bosco is Italian for fruits of the forest, so the gelato al frutti di bosco is flavored with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. This purple interpretation is great, it has a nicely saturated color and is similar to Bocio, so two coats for coverage.

Paint Box Polish Melone
Three coats
Pale melon orange crelly
I love pale orange polishes but finding the right shade is tricky. Many times light orange colors end up being more of a peach and this one is definitely a pale cantaloupe color which is what I prefer. 

Paint Box Polish Pistacchio
Three coats
Pale spring green crelly
Pistachio green is one of those colors that feels so inherently spring to me. Application is about the same as Ananas and Melone, three thinner coats for coverage.

Paint Box Polish Puffo
Two coats
Cyan blue crelly
A beautiful blue shade which is inspired by the Puffo flavor. What is Puffo, you may ask? Well, no one really knows for certain, some say bubble gum. Think of it like blue coconut snow cones. Not a color found in nature but still oh so good. This was one of the more opaque polishes, so two coats and that's it. 

Paint Box Polish Stracciatella
Two coats
White crelly with black shard flakes
Inspired by Stracciatella, the gelato equivalent of chocolate chip ice cream, which is made by drizzling chocolate over gelato al crema, then mixing the shards in before serving. YUM. And inspiration to creation was perfect. This was a bit thicker in formula compared to the others, so I was able to get away with two thinner coats for coverage and I waited a few minutes between coat one and two to prevent dragging.


Paint Box Polish:

Don't forget to use the code IDANAILSIT for 15% off your order!

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Amaretto Tiramisu cuticle oil?!! Omnomnom.

    1. I love Tiramisu! But not the scent unfortunely. Almond scented anything is a turn off. BUT Paint Box Polish has some really lovely oils so I am certain this one is great too.

  2. Some pretty color for the season!

  3. these are all so wonderful. That fuchsia is to-die-for.


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