Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Darling Diva Polish Naughty Limerick 2016 Edition Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey guys! I have a new collection from Darling Diva Polish for you today. These six polishes will be part of her upcoming Naughty Limerick Collection, the 2016 Edition. Maker Carrie's husband, Rick, is the behind the scenes guy of Darling Diva Polish, frequently with naming input and this set is inspired by his fascination with naughty limericks. You may recall the first edition of this collection released last year

The Naughty Limerick 2016 Edition Collection will be released this Friday, March 4th in Darling Diva Polish's shop. Usually the newest collection releases at 7 pm CST but refer to Darling Diva's Facebook page for more specifics. 

Darling Diva Polish A Girl With a Shiny Trombone 
Two coats
Dusky gold holographic shimmer with green sparks
The antiqued gold finish is perfect and the green sparks, oh yes, they are wonderful. The formula is thicker in consistency but no issues with application, which was two coats.

Darling Diva Polish Legend Tells of a Knight Named Sir Hunt
Two coats
Forest green scattered holographic
I am very much coming around to these scattered holo polishes that Darling Diva is cooking up. And this shade of green is a total win for me. It's thinner in formula consistency so don't load up your brush so much when applying, that's my only note on application. 

Darling Diva Polish Old King Billy Had a Ten Foot Willie
Three coats
Soft white crelly with gold and green ultra chrome flakes
LOL that name though. The polish itself is delicate looking and perfect for those who may want just a dusting of green and gold on their tips. It's a white crelly so I wasn't surprised that I needed three thin coats for complete coverage. 

Darling Diva Polish On the Dark Side There Was a Darth Vader
Two coats
Moss green jelly with holographic shimmer and green/blue/teal crystal flakes
A unique and interesting color to be sure. I am not 100% sold on it myself but do like the detailing of it. Two coats for coverage was good enough for me though if you apply thin coats, you may need to apply a third. 

Darling Diva Polish Out West Lived a Cowboy Named Rick
Two coats
Emerald green holographic micro-glitter with varied gold metallic glitter
A bolder green and gold combination with larger pieces of glitter, which for me, results in a larger color contrast. I wasn't expecting to get coverage in two coats but I ended up doing just that. I would wait a few minutes between that first and second coat to prevent any dragging and a very generous layer or two of topcoat. 

Darling Diva Polish There Was a Young Spaceman From Venus
Two coats
Holographic gold glitter with emerald, magenta, violet, turquoise, silver, sapphire metallic glitter
Wowza, this is a stunning sparkling polish and I love it. I loved it so much that I put it on a couple of days and still have it on! You will need two coats for coverage with a very light third dab to cover any patches. 


Darling Diva Polish:


  1. Wow, There was a young man from Venus is my outstanding of the collection with Sir Hunt and Out West very very close. Love this collection! Great swatches Ida!


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