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Fair Maiden Polish Spring 2016 Pack Your Bags: Travel Adventure Collection - Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a new collection from Fair Maiden Polish, The Spring 2016 Pack Your Bags: Travel Adventure Collection. The concept of this collection is to capture eight “bucket list” destinations from around the world in the essence of a polish. All together, this set consists of 16 polishes, specifically 8 cremes and 8 coordinating "effects" polishes. So you will see same names with either a (C) for creme or (E) for effects. This is a photo heavy post but I thought it best to keep everything in one blog review to help make your purchasing decisions a bit easier if you needed to refer back to my post. 

The Spring 2016 Pack Your Bags: Travel Adventure Collection will be available this Friday, April 1st  at 8 pm CST in Fair Maiden Polish's shop

Pricing wise, here is that info:

Full Size Bottles: Cremes: $8.50 each, full 8 piece set discounted to $60.00 Effects: range $9 to $10 each, full 8 piece set discounted to $70.00 
Mini Size Sets: (7.5 ml): Cremes: sold as sets only, $5 a piece retail - discounted to $36.00 Effects: sold as sets only, $6 a piece retail - discounted to $42.00

Weekend promo, April 1st-April 3rd: free shipping with purchase over (US) $100, Canada & Int'l: $10 off shipping (separate code will be released) code will be announced prior to launch. For more info, follow Fair Maiden's Facebook and/or Instagram for updates, as well as their Facebook group

Fair Maiden Polish Bisous (C)
Three coats
Pastel mint creme
Such a pretty mint delight, isn't it? You will be feeling all sorts of fresh with this on. I applied two coats and had a couple of patches, so I applied a third to get complete opacity.

Fair Maiden Polish Bisous (E) 
Two coats
Pastel mint crelly with pink, purple, blue, gold and red glitter in various shapes and sizes
The glitter in the base add a playful twist to the mint. Like a pastel party on your nails!

Fair Maiden Polish Fiesta...Siesta (C) 
Two coats
Golden yellow creme
This is a bit paler in person. It's such a cheery yellow though, and will brighten your mood when you apply. Formula was a bit tricky, I found that if I didn't dab the excess polish off of my brush, it flooded my cuticles. So when you apply, use thinner coats or dab off the excess from your brush before putting it to your nail. I applied it with that method and got coverage in two coats, which for a yellow, is really nice. 

Fair Maiden Polish Fiesta...Siesta (E)
Three coats
Yellow linear holographic with a lemony bright shimmer
At first glance this comes across as a gold holo but to me, it does look more like a golden yellow color. This is on the thin side, so you will likely need three coats. 

Fair Maiden Polish Good Eye Might (C)
Two coats
Medium turquoise creme
Just shy of dusky, this cool-toned loveliness is opaque in two coats.

Fair Maiden Polish Good Eye Might (E) 
Three coats
Medium turquoise holographic with sea-green sparkle and color shifting flakes
A deliciously aquatic turquoise. Three thinly applied coats for coverage. 

Fair Maiden Polish Moon Over Morocco (C)
Two coats
Medium orchid purple creme
Luscious, that was the first thought I had after I applied this. Exactly what I think of when I imagine orchids. Great formula, with two wonderfully self-leveling coats. 

Fair Maiden Polish Moon Over Morocco (E)
Two coats
 Medium orchid purple linear holographic with various holo pigments throughout
The holo bits! Gorgeous! Simple and easy application too. 

Fair Maiden Polish Pearl of Siberia (C) 
Two coats
Taupe hued gray creme
This one looks a bit warmer and duskier in the bottle but on my nail it looked like a cooler toned color. It may be just how it looks with my skin tone though. The formula has great consistency, so two coats will get you opaque coverage.

Fair Maiden Polish Pearl of Siberia (E)
Three coats
Taupe hued gray linear holographic sprinkled with iridescent glitter throughout
An beautiful and unusual gray holo, I have nothing like it in my collection. The iridescent glitter gives the color a pearl-like shimmer. The color itself was a bit less opaque, so three coats for coverage.

Fair Maiden Polish Rio Carnival (C)
Two coats
Dusty coral creme
A color that I think will appeal to a lot of people because coral is so versatile to wear. The creme formula was fantastic, it self-levels well and applies easily. 

Fair Maiden Polish Rio Carnival (E)
Two coats
Dusty coral linear holographic with red gold micro flake and sparks of holo pigment throughout
I love the pop of holo sparks that you see in the polish. The holo density is a bit more subtle and application was really nice. 

Fair Maiden Polish Sakura Blossom (C)
Two coats
soft pale pink creme
This is another of the lighter toned colors that I would recommend dabbing off the excess from your brush before applying. The color is totally reminiscent of pale pink Sakura Blossoms

Fair Maiden Polish Sakura Blossom (E) 
Two coats
Soft pale pink with rose pearl sparkle and color shifting chameleon flakes
The same pale pink as before but with the flakes and shimmer that add some extra pretty. 

Fair Maiden Polish Santorini Bikini (C) 
Two coats
Azure blue creme
Blue is a color I buy multiples of, especially this rich shade of blue. This is a just teeny bit lighter than my photo shows. 

Fair Maiden Polish Santorini Bikini (E)
Two coats 
Azure blue linear holographic with blue/orange color shifting shimmer
Bold blue in holo form this time! Yum. 

Here is a freehand floral look that I did with Rio Carnival (C), Sakura Blossom (C), Moon Over Morocco (C), and Good Eye Might (C) over a white base and gold dots accents.


Fair Maiden Polish:


  1. Some fun shades in here that you swatched. That floral nail art is the bomb too!

  2. Pretty swatches indeed.I think this is something worth checking out since it has a good deal as well.

    1. Thanks Emma! I think the prices are nicely set as well.

  3. This collection is awesome and your swatches look great!

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