Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cirque Colors Spring/Summer 2016 Metropolis Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I am excited to share today's post with you. I received Cirque Colors Spring/Summer 2016 Metropolis Collection and I am so in love with them. Yes, this will be a gushing post, #sorrynotsorry. 

I have been buying up previous polishes in the Metropolis line when they were being released monthly. This time, instead of releasing one to three polishes a month, Annie of Cirque is releasing all nine polishes at once as a seasonal offering. The colors are fit perfectly in a spring to summer release and across the board, formula is fantastic! 

I love cremes, it's something I have mentioned that often here but I really get excited when they perform well too. I applied two coats for each of the polishes below (along with my standard topcoat) and each one applied very smoothly. I was not expecting those lighter shades, like the pale blue/green/ivory to be opaque in two coats but they very much were. 

You can wear these by themselves but also, imagine the nail art possibilities. You may recall the stone water marble look I did last week in which I used Mermaid Parade (along with Memento Mori and Carpe Diem). Fingers crossed, I can get some other nail art looks prepped to share with you some other ways to wear these polishes, look for that post in the coming week or so. 

The Spring/Summer 2016 Metropolis Collection to be released Friday, March 4th in Cirque Colors' shop

They are not limited edition polishes and will be available through Cirque Colors international stockists, retail price within the US is $13 each

Cirque Colors Chelsea Girl
Two coats
Medium grape purple creme
This is a bit duskier than my lighting suggests, a really great mid tone purple to have in your collection. It is also brighter and more red toned compared to Velvet Underground

Cirque Colors Don't Forget the Cannoli 
Two coats
Soft ivory white creme
Sometimes white can be too stark and you want something with a softer quality. In those occasions, I will be wearing this polish, especially when it's two wonderfully self leveling coats. 

Cirque Colors Fire Island
Two coats
Fiery red orange creme
Was there any doubt that I would say this one has my utter adoration? I didn't think so, not with it's very vivid orange red coloring. 

Cirque Colors Key to Gramercy
Two coats
Light sage green creme
Not quite mint or jade, but in that color family for sure. 

Cirque Colors Lox and Sable
Two coats
Mid tone pastel peach pink creme
This makes me want to get a loaded lox bagel. 

Cirque Colors Meet Me in Montauk
Two coats
Very pale light blue creme
The palest of blue cremes, which begs for some sort of spring or Easter nail art. 

Cirque Colors Mermaid Parade
Two coats
Bright teal creme
YUM. Not too green, not too blue, basically the perfect teal.

Cirque Colors Rhapsody Blue
Two coats
Bold cobalt blue creme
This polish was previously released as Nordstrom Exclusive Santorini.
I've made a pretty big dent in my bottle of Santorini so I was happy to get this renamed release. Brighter than NYFW and definitely not as dark as Midnight Cowboy

Cirque Colors Whitney
Two coats
Dusky petal lilac pink creme
This one was one of my favorites of the collection, it's not a color I have an exact dupe of and I like how subtle a lilac pink it is. 


Cirque Colors:


  1. Some great colors in this collection. I love creme shades too.

  2. OH my goodness!! I'm going to need Don't Forget the Cannoli and Rhapsody Blue. I was so bummed to miss out on Santorini.

    1. Thank you Pam! I hope you snag the ones you like!

  3. Fire Island and Key To Gramercy are definitely your colors, they look perfect on you Ida :) I love your swatches, these cremes are utter perfection <3

  4. Wow! This collection is such a beauty. I think its worth trying out.


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