Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Polished for Days To the Moon and Back Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hellllo! For today, I have Polished for Days' upcoming To the Moon and Back Collection. This six piece set is inspired by the Moonchild Glow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and you can see how the beautiful highlighter colors translated to this dreamy collection.

The To the Moon and Back Collection will launch Friday March 31st in Polished for Days' shop at 11 am PST. All polishes will be offered at a discounted rate ($1 off each polish) for the first 72 hours of sale. 

Polished for Days Alcmene
Two coats
Medium grey base with holo flakes and orange/violet shimmer
Alcmene is Latin for "Might of the moon".
The shimmer in this is a bit more prominent in person, you will see glints of it in the light. Formula is nice and creamy, two coats for coverage. 

Polished for Days Atlas
Two coats 
Periwinkle holographic with holo flakes and copper shimmer
Atlas is the tiny smooth-surfaced moon of Saturn.
YES. Periwinkle perfection, that's what this is. This has a slightly thicker formula compared to Alcmene but still nice and easy to apply, again two coats for coverage.

Polished for Days Chan
Two coats 
Sheer violet base with purple/blue/gold/pink ultra chrome and sterling silver flakes and copper shimmer
Chan is Sanskrit for "Moon".
I absolutely love how the copper shimmer appears in this, especially as a contrast against the sheer violet base. Applies oh so easily, with two coats needed for full opacity. 

Polished for Days Hala
Two coats 
Silver holographic flake base with fuchsia/gold/copper ultra chrome flakes and pink shimmer
Hala is Arabic for "Moon halo".
Hala is the first of a few silver holos with ultra chrome flakes, this one is the warmer version, with it's warm toned flake combination. Application is great, I was expecting to need at least three coats for opacity but I got away with two. You will see some hint of visible nail line beneath but not enough that I felt the need for more coverage. 

Polished for Days Kamaria
Two coats 
Silver holographic flake base with gold/copper/green ultra chrome flakes and green/rose shimmer
Kamaria is Swahili for "Beauty of the moon".
Here is the the green/gold dominant version, and though I would normally prefer the warmer colors of Hala but the flashes of green and gold from Kamaria really appealed to me. Same formula notes as Hala. 

Polished for Days Mahina 
Two coats 
Silver holographic flake base with navy/purple/teal ultra chrome flakes and blue/purple shimmer
Mahina is Hawaiian for "Moonlight".
Silvered blue tones going on here and like every polish in the set, you get that wonderful moon-glow inspired look. Application was easy (broken record here) and bonus, only two coats needed for opacity.  


Polished for Days

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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