Monday, November 24, 2014

Pahlish Over the Sea: November 2014 Duo

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Good morning! This is gonna be a busy week on my blog, I have a lot of new collections and polishes to share and I full intend to post at least once a day (sometimes more) so get ready. This morning I have Pahlish's November 2014 Over the Sea Duo to share. This duo should be available on Friday, November 28th one last time, check Pahlish's Facebook page for more info. 

Pahlish Soft and Sweet 
Two coats
Pale periwinkle creme with purple and charcoal flakes 
Hmmm mmm good. It's so creamy looking! The formula is a dream, I misplaced my clean-up brush and except for a couple of spots, I barely needed it, it applies that smoothly. 

Pahlish Lights in the Clouds 
Layered over Pahlish Soft and Sweet 
Clear base with copper and navy glitter and neon purple shimmer.
The glitter colors are so pretty and the contrast is pretty darn awesome against the pale purple. 




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