Friday, November 14, 2014

Polish My Life Friday

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Hello! Let's end the week with some more Polish My Life polishes. If you recall from my initial review of this brand on Wednesday, Polish My Life produces mostly creme polishes. I personally love creme finish polishes, I feel like the simplicity of a good, opaque creme is seriously under-rated. And the selection I have today is especially nice, they are pale cremes and so versatile, you can use them for nail art or just to wear solo.  As for availability, most of the ones shown here are available in Polish My Life's shop, so head over there to pick up these for yourself! 

Polish My Life Cloud Blue
Three coats
Pale sky blue creme

Polish My Life Green Bikini
Three coats
Pale lime green creme

Polish My Life Muscat Martini 
Three coats
Pale lilac creme

Polish My Life Peaches, Anyone?
Three coats
Pale peach creme

Polish My Life Pink Sandals
Three coats
Pale pink creme

Polish My Life Flaming Volia
Two coats
Bright orange creme/jelly 

Polish My Life Hot Cosmo
Two coats
Hot pink creme/jelly


Polish My Life:


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