Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crows Toes 2014 Winter Trio: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hello again! Double post for today, this time I have Crows Toes Winter 2014 Trio. I am very happy to see these glitter bomb polishes from her, as I think Crows Toes puts out some of the best indie glitter polishes. The formula for these is oh so smooth, they apply very easily and I used just one heavy coat for full coverage over a base color. You will likely need to apply at least two coats of topcoat (or my method, which is a coat of Gelous and then heavy coat of topcoat) to get a glass smooth finish. 

These will be released very soon in all of Crows Toes distributors shops, I know that they will be available through Llarowe shortly, so follow that shop's Facebook page to see specific dates and times. There are two seasonal re-promotes this year, Jingle Balls and Merry Kiss-Me-A@#, that are Llarowe exclusives, I will have a post of those two in a few days. 

Crows Toes Walk the Peacock 
Layered over American Apparel Night Sky 
Clear base with aqua, teal, green, magenta, and blue glitter. 
Well we do parade around like peacocks in our holiday finery, so it's about time we have a polish that we can wear when we do that! Great contrast of colors and most definitely a polish that shows off it's peacock feathers inspiration. 

Crows Toes Her Goose Got Iced
Layered over American Apparel Night Sky 
Clear base with silver, gunmetal, and ice blue metallic glitter. 
One of my very favorite Crows Toes polishes is Her Goose Got Cooked so I was very happy to see that a cool toned version had been created. Oh so cool *wink*

Crows Toes Mad Money
Layered over American Apparel Hassid
Clear base with holo silver glitter. 
Such a simple description for such a bold polish. If you like Maxxed Out, then you will love this, it's the silver counterpart to that one. Perfect for all your holiday parties!  


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