Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Polish My Life Fall In Love Garden Collection

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Hello! I have a new-to-me brand to share with you today. Polish My Life an indie polish brands that primary produces creme finish polishes, though not exclusively. Being the creme polish lover that I am, I have had her brand on my radar and finally made jumped the gun with a large order a few weeks back. I was very impressed by what I received! The packaging is nice in it's simplicity, I especially like her label. She offers a wide range of colors in her shop, and seems to keep is stocked well. As for the formula, I had no problems with application, each of the polishes were just the right consistency and opaque in two to three coats. I most definitely will be adding her brand to my watch/buy list.

Polish My Life Blue Pansy
Two coats
Navy blue creme

Polish My Life Don't Snap My Dragon
Two coats
Tomato red/orange creme

Polish My Life Money Tree
Two coats
Forest green creme

Polish My Life Nude Lace
Two coats
Warm yellow-toned medium nude creme

Polish My Life Plum Mums
Two coats
Deep blue toned purple creme 

Polish My Life Poppy Petals
Two coats
Bright poppy pink creme


Polish My Life:

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