Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sephora Formula X Brushed Metallics: Determined, Fate, Motivated, & Prophecy

Purchased By Me
Hey guys! I have a few newish Sephora Formula X polishes to share with you today. I was in a Sephora store a few months ago and saw their newest line, Brushed Metallics, and in an impulse purchase, got these four. While they are look so pretty in the bottle, and very glowy on the nail, they are not without problems. Since they are matte polishes, they will dry quickly, especially that first coat, so you will want to apply coats in a quick manner. The formula for Determined and Fate were quite thick, but Motivated and Prophecy are thin enough that you can see every single nail ridge on my nail beds. I don't apply a base coat when I swatch, so that's probably why, but still, I suggest a good ridge filler base coat to start out with a nice level base. 

Would I recommend these? Not really, unless you have the patience to work with the formula. Prophecy is a great rich color, it's the polish that sparked my interest, but I couldn't get over my application annoyance. 

Sephora Formula X Determined
Two coats

Sephora Formula X Fate
Two coats

Sephora Formula X Motivated
Two coats

Sephora Formula X Prophecy
Two coats



  1. Great colors on them but the finish is a bit strange looking to me.

    1. I actually like matte finish but I agree, they look strange here.


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