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Elevation Polish Wyoming the Wild Collection + Khongoryn Els: Swatches and Review

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Good morning! For today, I have Elevation Polish's Wyoming the Wild Collection, a six polish collection of polishes inspired by the great state of Wyoming. Here is a little info behind the inspiration that Lulu posted: 

"Last September I had the honor of spending some time camping with friends for my birthday in the most scenic of places. Wyoming. It was such a great trip. I had also several months earlier did a solo road trip to the big horn mountains. It was so peaceful but also so wild. I knew it was time for a collection to be born."

After a vacation month in March, I was very happy to get a new set of Elevation Polishes and I was blown away by the beautiful colors. Which kind of my reaction every month if I am being honest. Formula wise, everything was great, there is one polish, Grand Teton Sunset, that has some quirks but I will explain that beneath it's description. In addition to the six polishes from the collection, Elevation is also re-releasing Khongoryn Els, as well as a new line called Lulu's Favorite Things. You can see a sneak of that here, more info on that in the future. 

The Wyoming the Wild Collection will be released on Tuesday, April 7th at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop.

Elevation Polish Cloud Peak
Two coats
Periwinkle blue creme with multi-chrome and black flakes and holographic pigment.
I love to see those multi-chrome flakies in a colored base, especially when it's as nice as this blue is. It has a low density holo which gives it an extra oomph in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Elevation Polish Fireflies in a Dark Meadow
Two coats
Black jelly base with multi-chrome and gold flake shimmer
A revised version of a previously released SBP (Small Batch Prototype) but with a few small changes. The gold is more prominent and the black base is much more opaque, two coats will get you full coverage but you will still see those awesome multi-chrome flakes. 

Elevation Polish SBP Fireflies in a Dark Meadow
I forgot to do a side by side comparison but I know a few will be wondering how Fireflies will compare to the original SBP version, so here is a pic of that one. As you can see, the base is much less opaque, I applied three coats and you can still see hints of my nail underneath. I liked the SBP Fireflies a whole lot but I do think the core version is better. 

Elevation Polish Grand Teton Sunset
Two coats
Light royal purple creme 
Grand Teton is a new formula polish from Elevation as it has a built in topcoat. You can get away with two coats for coverage and do not need to apply a topcoat. However if you decide you would like to topcoat this (which is what I would want to do) because of this feature, the purple may end up streaky. I have included photos of the polish with and without topcoat below. As for the color, it's one of the crazy but beautiful purples that will change in coloring based on lighting and skin tone. It could lean more blue or more bright on others, though I feel like my lighting for photos gives it a pretty accurate photo. 

(without topcoat)

(WITH topcoat)
I see some streaking but it was not super obvious and did not bother me that much. When I wear this again, I will probably just end up top-coating it (that's just my habit). I will say that dry time could make the streaking more noticeable but I did not test that. The color did darken though with the added topcoat. 

Elevation Polish Iceberg Lake
Two coats
Dusky jade/mint creme with pearl micro-shimmer.
BOOM. That was my heart. Right there. This sort shade of jade/mint is one of my favorites and I fell hard for Iceberg Lake. The pearl shimmer adds a softness to the polish. I will be definitely be putting a dent in my bottle. 

Elevation Polish Thunder Basin
Two coats
Dark brown creme
While we have had a couple of brown jelly polishes, there has not been a brown creme in Elevation's line up yet. I will admit that brown is not a color I gravitate toward but with a very shiny, very creamy looking dark brown like Thunder Basin, it's hard to resist. Thinner style creme formula but opaque enough with just two coats.

Elevation Polish Whoa! Jackson Hole
Two coats
Gray/taupe thermal holographic with silver shimmer. 
I am a bad blogger and totally forgot that this was a thermal so I didn't photograph it that way. But check out the other reviews from Elevation Polish's official bloggers, they will likely showcase that feature. The thermal feature is subtle though, this is the color that you will see more and in which it will eventually settle to once the thermal pigment expires. It has a low holographic density and dries slightly matte. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Elevation Polish Hidden Falls
Layered over Iceberg Lake
Clear base with 23K gold flakes
This is polish made with love, each bottle contains gold that is hand rolled and measured to get the right amount of gold in the bottle. The gold pieces are on the larger side and you will get a good amount on the brush with just one coat (which is what I did below for each photo). Because of the 23K gold flakes used and the time and effort in bottling Hidden Falls, each bottle will be priced at $25. 

Elevation Polish Hidden Falls
Layered over Thunder Basin

Elevation Polish Khongoryn Els
Three coats
Purple tinted taupe creme/jelly 
Originally part of the June 2013 Mongolia Collection. It is a re-release, no changes to the original color or formula so if you already have the original you likely do not need the re-released version.


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  1. I am totally with you, Iceberg Lake is gorgeous! All of these are stunning though!

  2. Awesome swatches. These are just so pretty!

  3. Nice selection of colours! Even though it's not anything new, the gold leaf top coat is my favourite :)

  4. Your swatches are AMAZING! This has got me so pumped to swatch these babies this weekend!

  5. I can't get over how shiny Thunder Basin is! I love the name of the collection too. Beautiful swatches

  6. Ooh these are all awesome! I wouldn't mind adding a few to my collection :D Cloud Peak is seriously awesome.

  7. I really admire this brand, has its own personality. I like some better than others, but I am intrigued by trying things like new formulas and the neat 23k gold flake topcoat. Loved it over both colors!


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