Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polish My Life Bare Undies Trio: Swatches and Review

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Hey guys! I have Polish My Life's Bare Undies Trio to share with you today. These three polishes may not look super exciting to some but for me, finding such awesome polishes to use as a base for nail art is definitely something to be excited for. I have loved each Polish My Life polish I have purchased so far and the three here are wonderful additions to my collection. 

The Bare Undies Trio is available now in Polish My Life's shop (and priced very nicely). You can buy the trio together or individually. 

Polish My Life Birthday Suit
Three coats
Pale ivory creme
I love this shade of color. It's nice for a base with it's softened pale coloring or just to wear alone. 

Polish My Life Commando
Two coats
Black creme 
So so shiny! This is with topcoat but even without topcoat you can see the obvious shine to the polish. And while this is a beautiful black, it did need two coats for complete coverage so it doesn't replace my long favorited black polish. I am still going to be going back to Commando though, you can never have enough black nail polish. 

Polish My Life Stripped
Two coats
White creme
I was more impressed by this white creme than anything else. I love how stark and crisp the white is and that I needed just two coats for coverage. Formula is awesome, it self levels well and doesn't streak too much on the first coat. 


Polish My Life:


  1. That ivory! I'm a sucker for those kinds of colors. I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried Polish My Life yet!

  2. I know! It's gorgeous and I think it would look amazing on you!


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