Monday, March 2, 2015

Indigo Bananas Event Horizon & Quantum Gravity: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hey everyone! I have a couple more Indigo Banana polishes to share with you all today. If you recall, in January, I shared Accretion Disk and Galactic Halo and for today, I have the other two polishes from the Chrome Flakies line, Event Horizon and Quantum Gravity. All four polishes from the Chrome Flakies line can be purchased in holo and non-holo form and the ones I have are the non-holo versions. 

Unlike the Mega Chrome Flakies line, these are much more opaque and build-able in two coats, so need to layer, though you could if you wanted. I do recommend waiting a few minutes between coats though, to prevent dragging. I love the look of these, they give the appearance of having texture though I did apply topcoat and had a smooth to touch finish when I took my pics. Of the two, Quantum Gravity is my favorite, the warm gold color is just gorgeous in person. 

Even Horizon and Quantum Gravity, along with the other Chrome Flakies line, is available right now in Indigo Bananas' shop. You can purchase either the holo or non-holo versisons in either full or mini size. 

Indigo Bananas Event Horizon
Two coats
Green/blue to purple chrome flakies in a clear base

Indigo Bananas Quantum Gravity
Two coats
Gold chrome flakies in a clear base


Indigo Bananas:


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